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October 15, 2014


Concert Choir and Concert Band to perform Landscape of American Music


Fall ConcertEach one of the songs that will be performed by the Cowley College Concert Choir and Concert Band at their concert on Tuesday, Oct. 21 will tie into their theme of Landscape of American Music.

“I really wanted to zero in on early American patriotic, folk, minstrel music, music during the civil war,” Concert Choir director Connie Donatelli said. “Every song is an important part of our rich musical heritage. It is going to be an amazing evening of music.”

The concert will begin at 7 p.m. and is free to attend.

The Concert Choir will perform “America the Beautiful”, “Shenandoah” (American Folksong), “A Stephen Foster Medley”, “Camptown Races”, “My Old Kentucky Home”, “Beautiful Dreamer”, “Oh, Susanna”, “Buffalo Gals”, “Tenting Tonight”, and “Can’t Carry These Burdens Alone”,
The concert will end with the Concert Choir joining the Concert Band on “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.”

“This is the first time since I have been at Cowley College that the Choir and Band have joined together to end a concert,” Donatelli said. “It should be amazing.”

Fleig said he and Donatelli had visited about this sort of collaboration for several years, and this summer Connie found the perfect selection for the groups to collaborate on.

“It’s a stunning arrangement of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” arranged by Mark Hayes,” Fleig said.

“From there, the idea of celebrating the musical heritage of America became the theme of the program. “A Landscape of American Music” quickly became the title for the evening.”

The Concert Band will present a historical journey of American music, opening with an overture based upon the traditional American folk tune “Low Bridge, Everybody Down,” more commonly known as “The Erie Canal Song.”

From there the Band will play a suite of songs from the “Great American West” and then a suite of Civil War songs. To end their portion of the concert they will play a suite of dance songs from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, songs that represent the musical landscape just as the jazz idiom was being conceived and developed.

“My students and I have had a wonderful time preparing the music for this concert,” Fleig said. “I will admit, I generally don’t prefer to go with a particular theme for a concert. I usually just program according to what I think will sound good and provide a good learning experience for my students. Once I started listening to the music and putting the literature selections together, though, it didn’t take long for me to buy into the idea. I think Connie’s vision for the performance is going to turn out beautifully. I can’t wait to hear the band and the choir come together for the grand finale. I’m sure it will be a magical moment.”

Concert Band members are: Hunter Ackerman, Courtney Banks, Breanna Burdick, Michael Burley, Holly Brizendine, Chris Cardone, Malori Clark, Alex Cobberley, Lake Ferguson, Henry Flickenger, Taylor Ging, Jaci Goode, Dylan Gregor, Maddie Hale, Woody Harmon, Abigail Hasselbring, Jonathan Holmgren, Ian McMains, Lucia Morales, Ramon Ortega, Jacob Ozbun, Jillian Rinehart, Valerie Schlegel, Alexandra Scoggins, Tory Setzkorn, Ty Spencer, Levi Sutton, Megan Talbert, Edna Trujillo, Hanna Twenhafel, Sami Twenhafel, Brooke Tye, Patci Vega, Josh Waldorf, Jacob Westerman, Sutton Wilson, Justin Woody, Jacob Worm.

Concert Choir members are: Ian Brannan, Logan Brewer, Holly Brizendine, Rachel Burroughs, Baily Butler, Malori Clark, Jaevin Colvin, Hunter DeWald, Abi Farley, Betsy Farley, Henry Flickinger, Bridget Fox, Carrie Fulbright, Alex Geurin,, Haley Golightly, Jasmine Haddock, Elizabeth Hampton, Samuel Hecker, Thomas Hecker, Daylen Holmes,, Andrew Horning, Vaughn Jenkins, Abby Killman, Zach Klick, Brenda Mattson, Laura Petersburg, Kayla Powell, Sarah Rivera, Abby Ronnfeldt, Charity Schmidt, Sarah Scruggs, Julianna Soto, Jared Valdez, Josh Waldorf, Clay White, Joey White, Launa White, Shirley Williams, Kandice Wright, and Dallas Wynn.