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October 17, 2014


Social Science Department to host day of exploration and education


Soical Science DayOn Thursday, November 20, the Social Science Department at Cowley College will present Social Science & Education Day. This event will give area high school students the opportunity to explore the many majors and programs the department offers.

Cowley’s Social Science Department provides students with a wide range of courses and majors in many diverse fields. Social Science & Education day will allow students to explore anthropology, childhood development, education, psychology, service learning, and sociology. Attendees will participate in hands-on activities and informational sessions, interact with Social Science faculty, and discover career opportunities in these fields.

Julie Rhoads, Director of Education and faculty member in Social Science, is spearheading the event, and presenting sessions on teacher training and careers.

“Educators are influential in many ways,” Rhoads said. “They offer experiences to discover passions, lessons to build confidence and self-concept, and teach skills to ensure personal and professional growth.”

Rhoads will offer students who attend Social Science and Education day the opportunity to learn more about what areas of teaching are in high demand, what options exist outside the PreK-12 classroom and how Cowley College works diligently to design degree programs which meet transfer and admission requirements.

“Anthropology itself is a very diverse field,” says Chris Mayer, head of the anthropology program. “It includes everything from archaeology to linguistics, to forensic and cultural studies.”

Students who register for an anthropology session will participate in a series of hands-on, informal competitions to “have some fun with it,” says Mayer, and to experience what each area of anthropology offers.

Holly Peters, instructor of sociology, says this discipline is about “understanding the great influence environment and relationships play on individual behavior,” and that such understanding is pivotal to success in all walks of life.

Peters notes that during the sociology session, students will engage in interactive activities, introducing the many possibilities available in a sociology career.  

Students attending Social Science & Education Day can also explore service learning. ACES (Academic Civic Engagement through Service) is both a service learning organization, and a scholarship program, offering a limited number of scholarships to Cowley students. ACES participants work with service and civic organizations, to both learn about civic engagement and to make a positive contribution to the community. 

James Fry is coordinator of the ACES program in the Social Science Department. According to Fry, in the 2013 -14 academic year, Cowley students performed a total of 17,707 hours of service learning. Most of these hours are in Cowley County, but online students are engaged at the national level, and even internationally.