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October 17, 2014


Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Story performed at Cowley

Life in a JarTelling the story of Irena Sendler, the courageous woman who saved 2,500 children from the Holocaust, the play “Life in a Jar” was performed in front of more than 500 audience members Thursday inside Cowley College’s Robert Brown Theatre.

Margaret Neal, Golden Tigers Program Coordinator, learned about the play while taking members of the Golden Tigers to the Lowell Milken Center in Fort Scott last fall. She enjoyed working with the director and cast of the production and was glad the story could be shared in Arkansas City.

“It was wonderful to have them tell the story of how one person can make such a difference,” Neal said.
Not until high school teens from Kansas discovered Irena Sendler’s story in 1999 and spread it around the world with their play, “Life in a Jar”, did Sendler’s courageous actions come to light.

The girls, now women, who brought this story to light, were able to visit Sendler in Poland several times prior to her death in 2008.

Helping rescue children from the Holocaust, Sendler made lists of the children’s names, put the lists in jars and buried them in the garden. This way, she could later dig up the names and tell the children about their true identities.

Norm Conrad served as the director of the play, while the cast consisted of Megan Felt, Jaime Walker, Ashley Sherman, Mary Fischer, and Noah Fischer.