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November 5, 2014

Cowley Propeller Car Contest 2014


Propeller Car Contest

On Tuesday, November 4, Mu Alpha Sigma Chi sponsored a propeller car contest. The goal of the contest was to design, build and race a propeller driven car 20 meters in the fastest amount of time. 

The winners of this contest were:

Trevor Douglas took home first place and the prize of $40 as he finished with a time of 12.55 seconds. Elijah Rebold was awarded $40 after finishing second with a time of 16.52 seconds. While, Amanda Krook placed third and earned $10.

There were several other cars designed by the Engineering physics students who ran trials during this time but were not eligible for the cash prizes. The fastest car was built by Tyler Proffitt with a time of 5.33 seconds and Matt Elliott and Bryce Byers designed a car that went a time of 5.94 seconds. 

A similar design contest will be held for high school students during the Math and Science Day next semester.