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November 21, 2014

Students attend Cowley’s first-ever Social Science & Education Day


With more than 50 students and five parents/teachers attending Cowley College’s first-ever Social Science & Education Day held Thursday at the school’s main campus in Arkansas City, the event was deemed a tremendous success for the Department as well as Cowley Anthropology.

Department Chair, Todd Shepherd, opened the morning by greeting the high school students and providing an overview and definition of social sciences. Students then attended break-out sessions which featured program offerings within the department: Education, Child Care & Development, Anthropology, History/Government, Psychology and Sociology. Students picked two sessions from the options.

“We had students from Arkansas City and Augusta High Schools participate in anthropology activities, including a simulated archaeological dig, building DNA models and a language game,” Cowley anthropology instructor Chris Mayer said. “It was the perfect way to show off the anthropology program, and the diverse opportunities that our department offers.”

Other schools in attendance were Winfield and Derby.

“It is nice for the students/ teachers/ parents to see other people on campus,” Cowley admissions representative Mike Rosales said. “It truly allows these kids to meet someone that they will be seeing on campus when they come to Cowley.”

Students attending the Education sessions with Julie Rhoads, Cowley’s Director of Education, not only received information regarding the completion of the Associates degree, they got first-hand experience of what an education course at Cowley is like. Education students from the Foundations of Education course shared the process of their current Design a School Projects then broke into groups to seek ideas and input from the high school students. The high school students were eager to share their current school experiences and how they would reform education. The Cowley students were excited to receive various ideas to implement into their final projects and appreciated the opportunity to get an outside view on their current work.

Janet Davidson, Director of Early Childhood Education, provided an opportunity for students to engage in a lesson simulation for early learners and learned that course offerings are funded by the Senate Bill 155. This funding opportunity would allow a high school student to take those courses for free.

Social Science Department instructors Frank Arnold, Kathy Hendricks and Holly Peters met with prospective students to discuss degree and career options in each of their fields.

The CC Singers then happened in and performed a piece for the group to promote Music Education.

“The Social Science Department extends a sincere thank you to the teachers and counselors of those high schools for promoting the event,” Julie Rhoads said. “Thank you to the admissions staff for their promotion and distribution of the event with a special shout out to Mike Rosales for assisting with the organization of the day.”

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