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December 1, 2014


College, community helps Art club fundraiser report record sales

Chili festStudents in Cowley College’s Art Club held another successful fundraiser Tuesday in the Earle N. Wright Community Room. Building off the success of previous Chili Bowl sales, the Cowley College Art Club sold 125 ceramic items and cleared $1,420 during the annual event.

Individuals that purchased $10 or more of ceramic ware were treated to homemade chili. The money raised was the most in the eight years of the event.

Art Club co-sponsor Mike Fell, who made the plates that were for sale, was pleased with the results of the fundraiser.

“I would like to express my thanks to all of the Cowley employees and community members who bought items,” Fell said.

Bowl and plate prices varied from $5-$20. Several Art Club members spent many hours physically making the bowls on the potter’s wheel. After the pots were made they were taken to the kiln room and bisque fired before the glazes were applied.

After glazing, the bowls were taken back to the kilns for the final firing which melts the glazes and fuses them to the clay bowls, making them waterproof, thus allowing the owners to eat a delicious bowl of chili, wash it in the dishwasher, fill it with leftovers and reheat in the microwave.

“The students really made some nice pieces that you could buy in a store,” Fell said.

This is one of several fundraising events sponsored by the Art Club in order to raise funds for educational travel experiences to view art museums and galleries in places such as Chicago, Santa Fe (N.M.) and New York.

“Fundraisers like this help the students feel like they are earning their way on the trips,” Fell said.

Students that made bowls for the fundraising event were, Elizabeth Whaley, Jazmin Lara, Catrina Albers, Mamie Manly, Brianna Hand, Clinton Willis, Sydney Westfall, Jessica Bannon, and Sheldon Draper.

Other students that helped with the event were, Kyle Johnston, Jennifer Preston, Jennifer Lechner, Chris Simmons, Alec Jimenez, Danielle Edwards, Alex Dominguez, and Sam Hyde.