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December 10, 2014


New additions to Cowley Anthropology Museum online

Recent projects by Cowley College Anthropology students are now the latest exhibits on the program’s museum web site, found at

Museum practicum student Mary Bowers created an exhibit on Victorian hair work, a domestic art form using human hair. Mostly made by women in the Victorian Era and up to the 1920s, these family and personal mementos were made using their own and family members’ hair. These pieces were given as gifts to commemorate births, weddings and funerals.

Anthropology major Jayla Fulsom conducted an independent research project this fall into the hominid fossil record. She compared the latest expert findings in paleoanthropology to make connections between the more primitive specimens and the very first members of the human family tree. Fulsom’s work focused on the newly examined species Australopithecus sediba from South Africa.

Both exhibits are online as photo essays at the Cowley Anthropology museum web site. They join the permanent archaeology and ethnographic exhibits of the program, and will remain online for a year.