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December 12, 2014


Anthropology major named December Student of the Month


Involved in several clubs and organizations at Cowley College, Emily Loehner was recently named theLoehner school’s December Student of the Month.

The sophomore anthropology major from Wichita, KS is the daughter of Kurt and Stacey Loehner.

At Cowley, she is involved in the Art Club, Act One Drama Club, and is a dramaturge intern for the Theatre Department. Along with helping on the Theatre Department’s production of Little Shop of Horrors, Peter Pan, and The Velveteen Rabbit, she also serves as a Student Ambassador.

She is a member of the President’s Honor Roll and has a grade point average of 4.0.

“Emily consistently challenges herself, displays effort, and spends the time necessary to be successful at whatever she does,” Humanities Department instructor Deb Layton said. “She accomplishes her academic goals with a positive attitude which is why she is well liked among students and faculty.”

Prior to coming to Cowley she was a student ambassador and a member of the honor roll at Wichita Northwest high School, where she had a 4.0 GPA and graduated in the top-10 percent of her class.

Loehner had no intention of pursuing higher education after graduating from high school as she wanted to take at least one year off from school. However, her mother, Stacey, asked her to look into at least one college before making her decision.

Taking her mother’s advice, Loehner decided to drive to Arkansas City and see what Cowley had to offer.

“I enrolled that same day,” Loehner said. “It seemed like home. It was not as intimidating as a big university and seemed like a place where I could dip my toe into the pool of higher education before moving onto a bigger school.”

Loehner began her college career as a pre-veterinary medicine major but changed her major to anthropology this past semester.

“I absolutely love the subject matter and anthropology just clicked for me,” Loehner said. “Chris Mayer is a phenomenal instructor and anthropology is a whole new world for me.”

Chris Mayer, anthropology instructor, said Loehner is an excellent ambassador for the anthropology program and the college. At the school’s recent Social Science and Education Day, Loehner was enthusiastic and personal with the visiting students, making a very positive impression.

“Emily is an exceptional student,” Mayer said. “Her work is always first-rate, and she continually goes above and beyond the basic requirements. She has a very sharp intellect and a wide range of interests, always engaged and inquisitive. It is always a great joy and privilege to work with Emily.”

Loehner has participated in a Miss American Pageant and helped with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and Art Club fundraiser for the local fire and police departments.

After graduating from Cowley she plans to transfer to a university to pursue a degree in Anthropology.

“I will be sad to leave Cowley, I wish it were a four-year school,” Loehner said. “I am very honored my instructors see something in me that I don’t necessarily see in myself. To see so many students who work harder than me and have more on their plates than I do makes me feel touched to be recognized as Student of the Month.”