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December 16, 2014


Cowley College offering new degrees and certificates

Cowley College’s academic affairs council recently approved a new type of education and training program for students. In the future, more short-term programs will be developed to meet community and student needs in curricula of 15 or less credit hours. They will be denoted as a “Certificate of Completion” and a certificate shall be issued by the college.

An Information Security Certificate and a Milling Associate Certificate are among the new Certificate of Completion programs Cowley is offering. Others will be developed in the future.

The Information Security Certificate was designed so professionals in the information technology field can update their knowledge on the latest security topics. Students majoring in informational technologies should also realize that security has become a major component in computer systems and networking. It is vital in this changing era of computer attacks that everybody in the computer field have the latest information to help safeguard their organizations’ information. This 15 credit hour certificate of completion can be completed in one semester or over a year. Successful completers will be issued a Certificate of Completion from Cowley College.

The Milling Associate Certificate of Completion prepares candidates to work in flour mills as a technician working in many of the areas of the modern mills. The milling classes will be taught by professionals from the International Association of Operative Millers while college faculty will teach the ancillary courses required in the industry. At the conclusion of the courses, candidates will complete an internship at a functioning flour mill.

Cowley is also offering a new Applied Technologies Associate of General Studies degree. This degree was developed for students who have obtained credit hours or contact hours from an accredited vocational-technical school. To be eligible for graduation, students must complete the general education requirements and transfer at least 660 contact hours or 32 technical credit hours to complete the technical requirements of this degree. A minimum 15 credit hours must be completed at Cowley College in order for a degree to be granted.

The Academic Affairs Council also approved a new 1 credit hour course entitled “Focused Seminar: Writing”, as well as a new “Community Paramedic/Mobile Integrated Healthcare” course that is 14 credit hours, and “Controlled Force” that is 2 credit hours.

“Controlled Force”, a nationally sponsored course, is related to procedures utilized within the criminal justice program.

The “Focused Seminar: Writing” course is designed to encourage in-depth study of a particular genre of writing. Emphasis is focused on research, presentation, and writing within a specific genre. Genres vary according to student interest and instructor approval. This course should be taken the final semester of study and is required of all Creative Writing majors. Completion of at least two creative writing courses at Cowley College with a grade of B or above (or instructor approval) is required. Students must interview with the instructor prior to enrollment to determine eligibility and approval of genre for the seminar.

The “Community Paramedic/Mobile Integrated Healthcare” course will train paramedics to better function more as a physician-extender and will meet a regional global healthcare need. Participants will need to gain paramedic certification prior to attending this course.

The College will also award course credit for a non-traditional “Evaluation of Life Experience” validated by performance on approved examinations or other appropriate documentation and evaluation. Students will be charged tuition and fees at the current rate for credits awarded for life experience. Credits awarded will be posted on the transcript following payment of tuition and fees and successful completion of at least twelve (12) resident credit hours. The credit earned may be applied toward the various degree programs at Cowley College but cannot be used to comply with residence requirements.

To find out more about the Cowley College’s new degree, certificate and course offerings, contact 620-442-0430 or go to