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January 6, 2016


Cowley College selected as grant recipient

Receiving good news to start the New Year, Cowley College was recently selected as a CampusEAI Consortium Single Sign-On Grant recipient. The grant covers the cost of installation and integration of the QuickLaunch SSO product, into the college’s computer environment.

“As we implement our new SIS (Student Information System), one of the goals was to have single sign-on to as many systems and applications as possible,” said Paul Erdmann, vice president for information technology, who submitted the grant application. “This is where you login once, and are granted access to multiple systems. We chose a product called QuickLaunch SSO to accomplish this, and were informed there was a grant available through the CampusEAI Consortium that we could apply for.”

As a new member of the CampusEAI Consortium, Cowley College will be meeting, working, and learning alongside peers from more than 2,000 member institutions, including Columbia University, Cornell University, Florida State University, and Louisiana State University.

The mission of the CampusEAI Consortium is to help its members improve enrollment, retention, and IT services by providing lessons learned iseminars, conferences, and consulting services on areas such as cloud hosting, enterprise portal, web content management services, single sign-on & identity management, mobile apps and service desk.

In recognition of Cowley College’s needs and requirements, the Consortium extended the grant to provide the institution with access to the best technology available and ensure the successful deployment of a single sign-on solution for the campus.