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February 11, 2016


Math & Science Day held at Cowley College

CSIClose to 100 high school students and sponsors took part in the Math and Science Day events at Cowley College’s main campus in Arkansas City on Wednesday.


Schools in attendance were: Ark City Christian Academy, Ark City High School, Chaparral, Norwich, Oxford, South Haven, West Elk, and Woodland (Fairfax, OK).

The format of the competition consisted of the construction of scientific apparatus testing the skills of the creators (in teams of two) and a scholastic competition for those knowledgeable in the scientific fields.

Natural Science department members and the Cowley Admission’s Office were involved with the event.


The apparatus events included Crime Scene Investigation, Write-it Build-it, Puzzlefest, Windmill, and Video.

After campus tours and lunch, the final scholastic competitions were held with the top scorers of the scholastic exams going head-to-head in a quiz bowl format. Awards were then given with the top winners of the scholastic competition receiving graphing calculators and certificates and the apparatus winners receiving a cash award and a certificate.

Additionally, scholarships were awarded to the top winners in each event, if they were a senior.

CSISenior Alex Nicholson and Dallas Anderson of South Haven High School placed first in the CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) competition.


Puzzle winners

While, senior Kyle Coffman of West Elk High School placed first in the Puzzlefest competition.











Built It

Lillian Bowlby, Tiffany Liersemann, and Kendall Ray teamed to place first in the Write-It Build-It competition, while Mason Hilario of Ark City High School finished first in the Windmill competition.











VideoSenior Ethan Cully, Ciara Wiley, and Nick Ingram of South Haven High School placed first in the video competition.












Bowl WinnersFirst place finishers in the five scholastic events were, Kyle Coffman of West Elk High School (algebra), senior Chris Coggins of Chaparral High School (biology and chemistry), David Roe of Norwich High School (geometry), and senior Gavin Neises of Oxford (physical science).