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February 1, 2016


Cowley plays host to conferences


Cowley College’s main campus in Arkansas City hosted the Spring Kansas Community College Public Safety (KCCPS) and Kansas Community College Residence Life Conferences on Thursday, February 18.


The conferences ran from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Earle N. Wright Community Room.


There were roundtable discussions during both conferences, while Ty Ritter of Campus Safe, and Kurt Cronenwett of Contract Supply Inc. were guest presenters during the Kansas Community College Residence Life Conference.


Butler Community College, Cloud County, Garden City, Highland, Hutchinson, Independence, Kansas City, Neosho, Pratt, Seward and Cowley had representatives at the conferences.


“It’s great to have colleagues from across the state come and visit our campus, as well as, to discuss trending topics involving residence life,” Cowley College director of housing Landon West said. “By hosting this year it allowed us to show off our amazing facilities and amenity’s that we have to offer our students here at Cowley.”  


Matt Stone, Cowley College director of security and public safety said the Public Safety and Campus Security Departments from across the state enjoy the opportunity to discuss trending topics, concerns, and issues related to the safety and security of its community members and assets.


“The opportunities to discuss best practices and current trends and to enhance the communication amongst the colleges state-wide has made a tremendous impact on each department,” Stone said. “I would like to thank Cowley College president Dr. Dennis Rittle and executive director of student affairs Jason O’Toole for delivering a welcome message, Gary Hale for his assistance in the Wright Room, Dawn Williams for the amazing food and service her staff delivered, Landon West for sponsoring the dual conference, working together to maximize the number of schools we had represented and the generous gifts, Lynlea Bartlett for the assistance in preparing the signage. Thank you to everyone involved, your time and assistance is greatly appreciated and was well received.”