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March 9, 2016


Student Patrol Officers locate stolen vehicle


patrolMost people connected with Cowley College and the Arkansas City areas are familiar with the Criminal Justice Program’s Student Patrol. The Student Patrol is a unique learning opportunity even among criminal justice programs as it requires a very close working relationship with local law enforcement officials to make it work. Fortunately Cowley College and the Arkansas City Police Department have such a relationship. 

Students in the Student Patrol program are required to complete a minimum of one night per week of patrol duties utilizing techniques and procedures learned in the classroom. Most of the time these patrol duties are pretty routine, including assisting Cowley Security, performing business checks in the downtown business district, and checking a variety of local churches and parks that they have been requested to patrol. This provides an excellent learning opportunity as they get to perform hands on learning activities and in exchange provide a service to the community of Arkansas City. 

However, occasionally something happens that is not routine as was the case on Friday March 4.  Officers with the Student Patrol observed a vehicle that they believed was out of the ordinary east of the college cafeteria. They checked the area around the vehicle and feeling that something was not right contacted Cowley College Security and the Arkansas City Police Department. As it turns out the vehicle had recently been reported stolen from a resident of Arkansas City. The vehicle was returned to its owner with no damage. 

While the recovery of a stolen vehicle is something law enforcement officers frequently deal with it was something that the Student Patrol was proud to be involved with. The Chief of Police of the Arkansas City Police Department, Daniel Ward, passed on his praise for the students involved by saying, “This is an excellent example of the community working with the Arkansas City Police Department to recover stolen property and make the community safer.”  

The student officers that followed up on their instincts were given recognition awards in class the following week. 

Pictured, from left, Dalton Wills, Josh Atkins, and Bo Rose.