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March 30, 2016


Twenhafel accepted into KU School of Pharmacy

TwenhafelHannah Twenhafel, a sophomore pre-pharmacy major at Cowley College, was recently notified that she has been accepted into the Kansas University School of Pharmacy.

At Cowley, Twenhafel is a member of the track and field team, a Cowley Tutor, a student ambassador, Phi Theta Kappa officer, member of Chi Alpha, and a volunteer in the Science Department.

Dr. Michelle Schoon, Natural Science Department Chair at Cowley College, said Twenhafel’s acceptance into the KU School of Pharmacy is quite an honor considering she will only have an associate’s degree and not a bachelor’s degree like most students that applied.

“Hannah is an excellent student,” Dr. Schoon said. “She is always prepared, productive, and positive. She is a valuable resource to the instructors as well as fellow students.”

Twenhafel, who was named Cowley College’s September 2015 Student of the Month, has long wanted to be a pharmacist in the hopes of making people feel better.

She took the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) as well as went through the application and interview process to be admitted to the KU School of Pharmacy.

“I am extremely grateful to receive this opportunity to progress my education,” Twenhafel said. “Cowley ensured I took all the classes I needed to make this possible.”