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April 7, 2016


Large turnout for Junior Day


Junior Day


A total of 135 high school juniors attended Cowley College’s annual Junior Day on Wednesday, April 6. The number of students nearly doubled the size of last year’s event.

The students were given information on financial aid, scholarships, housing, clubs/organizations and more. Campus tours were led by Cowley Student Ambassadors, while the school’s Student Life Department offered snacks and games in the Nelson Student Center.

During lunch students had the chance to win prizes.

Twenty one students’ utilized services from Cowley College’s Cosmetology Department, while others completed a waiver to workout at the school’s Ben Cleveland Wellness Center.

“Once again we had a great group of students on campus for Junior Day,” Cowley admissions director Marcus Hicks said. “Brandi (Gibbs) put together a great event. Thank you to those who helped make it a fun day.”

The students in attendance had glowing comments about Cowley College and the opportunity to take part in Junior Day.