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May 3, 2016


Cowley College offering Milling Technician programIAOM logo


Responding to an industry request to meet the needs of industry and the community by providing a program that will prepare candidates for better jobs in an area of projected shortage, Cowley College is offering the Milling Technician program.


The Milling program is a one of a kind, largely online program that prepares students to work in flour mills in mid-level technician and management positions by providing a combination of mechatronics and specialized milling courses, and an internship. Initially requested by International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM) and ADM Milling, Cowley College worked with IAOM and an advisory board formed by industry representatives to establish precisely what the industry need was and set about developing the appropriate curriculum. 


“Having offered the Mechatronics program successfully for as long as we have, and having provided the milling courses over the last year as non-credit, Cowley is very excited to offer the full Milling program for credit this fall, and begin providing successful graduates with career opportunities in an industry that is expected to need them for many years to come,” Cowley College associate vice president of business and industry advancement Stephani Johns-Hines said. "Cowley College is thankful to IAOM, ADM, Ardent Mills, General Mills, Kansas State University and many others, for their input and support in the program development and accreditation process."

Cowley College vice president of academic affairs Dr. Harold Arnett said Johns-Hines worked closely with industry reps, Joe Clasen (former CTE chairperson), Daniel Higdon (mechatronics instructor) and others to develop this program and push it forward for state approval.


The International Association of Operative Millers is a professional society of grain millers and allied trades representatives devoted to the advancement of technology in the flour milling and cereal grain processing industries.

“Our membership has requested that the association take an active role in developing skilled milling technicians to fill career positions at mills located across the United States and beyond. The partnership with Cowley College is an important step in fulfilling that mission,” Melinda Farris, executive vice presodemt, IAOM said.


According to Farris, students completing this one-year milling technician program will be well-suited for a number of positions in a wheat flour milling facility. The combination of mechatronics and milling course work culminating in an internship at a functioning flour mill should make graduates of this program highly employable.