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May 9, 2016


Dr. Layton has article published


As part of his doctoral work at Oklahoma State University, Cowley College Natural Science Department instructor Dr. Scott Layton recently had an article published by The American Biology Teacher which is a journal published by the National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT).


Layton was the lead author and Co-author was Jason Belden on the article titled Engaging Undergraduates in the Scientific Process; Exploring Invertebrate Endocrine Disruption.


The article outlines a lab that has students engage in a long term research project that encourages critical thinking, scientific reasoning, and data analysis. The lab demonstrates the typically difficult subject of endocrine disruption which, in this case, causes changes in the number of males vs. females in Daphnia.


Students enrolled in Cowley’s Research Methods class served as the experimental group when the lab was first developed to determine the potential effectiveness of the research system. Ninety percent of students in the experimental group demonstrated improved understanding of the research process, research methodology, and the concept of endocrine disruption at the conclusion of the lab.