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June 8, 2016


Media staff attend Editors’ Retreat


Media staff attend Editors RetreatFormer members of The Cowley Press recently accompanied nine members of the current media staff on an Editors’ Retreat in Warsaw, MO.

The current members of the media staff came together to learn to work as a team. Former members of The Cowley Press, and 2010 graduate, Carly Budd previous photo editor, and Alison Jamerson a former staff writer conducted breakout sessions for photographers and reporters while The Cowley Press advisor Meg Smith worked with the editors individually on specific projects to prepare for media boot camp in July.

The group did Turtle Tiles using four carpet squares to get five team members from one point to another, using communication and teamwork to beat the opposing team. Other team building games included a trust walk with ‘landmines’ and pterodactyl.

“I really enjoyed the experience of connecting with everyone through team building exercises,” said freshman Felipe Escalante, who plans to take photos and help with web development.

Work sessions included Double Dozen which was to take 24 individual and unique photos from one stationary point and Brainstorming to develop story ideas from beginning to end; come up with photo ideas, headlines and a sidebar for a complete package.

“Teamwork is key and during the retreat, we built upon that concept,” Arturo Mendoza, mass communication sophomore said.