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August 14, 2015


Sefel, Hill serve as editors on “Lovecraftian Proceedings, No. 1”


Cowley College theatre director John Sefel and Social Science instructor Robyn Hill recently worked together on the book “Lovecraftian Proceedings, No. 1”.


Sefel served as the editor for the book, while Hill was the associate editor.


Sefel previously served as co-editor of “The Seven Deadly Sins: Anthology of New Plays”. He also continues his work as associate editor of the Texas Theatre Journal and has had monologues published by Green Light Press and Jac Publications.


“I find editing has fascinating parallels with directing,” Sefel said. “We have to find a way to present others’ work as best as possible.”


Sefel has also provided theatre research which was published by Stage Directions Magazine and has had the opportunity to speak at numerous conferences.


While at the Association for Theatre in Higher Education Conference in 2013, Sefel served as one of three people who led a panel on exploring Harry Potter from a theatrical and scholar viewpoint. This led to Sefel having a chapter published in the new academic text “Playing Harry Potter”.


“It was a ton of late nights, but I loved it,” Sefel said. “To chat about the performative aspects of Harry Potter is a joy.”


Also in 2013, Sefel served as Chair of the Armitage Symposium in Providence, R.I., where scholars were brought in from around the country to explore the works of H.P. Lovecraft, a horror fiction writer that is regarded as one of the most significant 20th-century authors of his genre.


Out of this, Sefel was chosen to be the editor for “Lovecraftian Proceedings, No. 1” which Hippocampus Press recently released.


Sefel was in search of an associate editor to handle the copy editing and format changes when Cowley College Humanities Department Chair Marlys Cervantes recommended Sefel speak to Social Science instructor Robyn Hill about helping with the book.


“It turned out to be a perfect match,” Sefel said. “She handled the job with great skill. She had it back perfectly done and ahead of schedule.”


When Hill was approached to serve as associate editor she knew little about H.P. Lovecraft except that she had a copy of his collected works on her bookshelf, but had never read it.


The papers were in various stages of completeness. Many were in Chicago style and had to be completely redone in MLA; some were in a mix of Chicago and MLA; some were by foreign authors.


“All of the papers had to adhere to the publisher’s rules and guidelines (MLA) and had to be attributed to the same edition of Lovecraft’s collected works as well, which, thankfully, happened to be that one edition on my bookshelf,” Hill said. “I spent a great deal of time locating quotes in that edition, and rewriting the citations to match. One paper had no works cited at all, and I had to create one from scratch. It was a lot of work, but it was also a great learning experience and definitely something I’d love to do again.”


Hill enjoyed reading these works and realizing the depth of passion and adoration that the authors had for Lovecraft and his short stories.


Sefel and Hill are glad to devote time outside of their duties at the college to work on projects they find inspiring.


“It is our responsibility as educators to continue to be very active in our fields,” Sefel said. “I believe we need to attend conferences and serve on as many Boards as possible.”


“Lovecraftian Proceedings, No. 1” will receive its official release at a conference in Providence, R.I. later this month; Sefel’s next publication will come out this January, when the Texas Theatre Journal’s 12th annual volume is debuted at the Texas Educational Theatre Association conference in Houston, TX.