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August 27, 2015


Scholars and donors pack the Wright Room


receptionTuesday evening, the Cowley College’s Earle N. Wright Community Room played host to over 140 individuals attending the Cowley College Foundations Annual Scholarship Reception. 


The event, in its fifth year, brings together scholarship recipients with the community members, donors and alumni who donate money to the foundation in support of scholarships. The reception has continued to be a success and is held each year thanks to a generous contribution from the Trust Company of Kansas, which has been the event sponsor from the first year. 


Over the course of the evening, the Foundation awarded 165 scholarships with a total value of over $105,000 for the 2015-2016 academic year.


Attendees were welcomed by Cowley College’s new president Dr. Dennis Rittle and the Foundation board president Dr. Nick Rogers. Ben Schears, vice president for institutional advancement, Elizabeth Thummel, endowment coordinator, and Lisa Grose, scholarship coordinator, were on hand working to make the event a success.


“The funds our donors provide to support the college can be a real game-changer in the lives of many of our students” vice president for institutional advancement Ben Schears said.


After announcing the scholarship recipients, Schears made a special presentation to Cowley College sophomore Paige Lundin, who is involved in the Act One Drama Club, Cowley Concert Choir, CC Singers, and the visual arts program. She also works part-time at the Tiger Deli and is a member of the Dean’s Honor Roll. Lundin has accomplished all of this without the assistance of student loans.


To recognize her hard work and dedication, Schears awarded Lundin with the Gertrude Newman Scholarship, while Great Western Dining provided Lundin with a meal card to use in the McAtee Dining Center during the 2015-16 academic year.


“Paige truly has embraced what it means to be a Cowley Tiger,” Schears said.  “She has worked hard to avoid student loans while also being very involved in campus life and maintaining high academic standards – we recognized that and wanted to commend her for her efforts”.


Cowley College 2015-16 Endowment Scholarship Reception Recipients:

  • Elizabeth Northcutt Scholarship
    Caroline Fulbright, Kelsey Richardson
  • Warren Andreas Scholarship
    Jaden Mount
  • Bloyer Education Trust Scholarship
    Kayla Wiggins, Tanner Balsters, Bethany Balzer, Jack Detrick, Amy Diver, Maggie Fink, Zachary Frederick, Joseph Haydon, Hollie May, Jonathan Ryberg, Colter Silhan, Erika Van Boening, Mary Wellman, Hannah Wilson.
  • Martha Brandenburg Music Scholarship
    John Schwartz
  • Robert Brown Memorial Scholarship
    Johnna Atwood, Jonathon Cink, Timothy Hardman, Kevin Harvey, Zachary Heyer, Joshua Patton, Emileigh Speagle, Arron Willoughby, Joshua Zimmerman
  • Derek Burroughs Memorial Scholarship
    Samantha McClaflin
  • Mildred F. Carpenter and Marie Vickers Scholarship
    Alexis Luce, Veronica Moya, Shelby Young
  • Gene and Donella Cole Scholarship
    Monica Morris
  • Optimist Club of Arkansas City Scholarship
    Cole Davis
  • Palmer-Williams Scholarship
    Tehillah Johnson
  • Chihyun Park Scholarship
    Mai-Ling Kannenberg
  • Claude and Helen Morrow Scholarship
    Yovani Hernandez
  • Fostine Moncrief Scholarship
    Emily Graham
  • Marvin and Anita McCorgary Scholarship
    Kathleen Hankins
  • Eugene and Mary Ellen McCorgary Scholarship
    Nathan Butler
  • Patrick J. McAtee Scholarship
    Courtney Andrews, Steven Lu, Monica Morris, Faith Pierce
  • Eli Hilderbrand Memorial Scholarship
    Nathan Butler, Alexander Noland, Dalton Queen
  • Herrin Family Scholarship
    Kelsea Bixler
  • Mary Hobart Hutchinson Trust Scholarship
    Nancy Lartey Nah
  • Conrad and Janet Jimison Scholarship
    Alyssa Lyman
  • Paul and Dorothy Johnson Scholarship
    Alishah Alhomsi
  • Warren R. Kelley Trust Scholarship
    Tyler Felt, Clinton Willis
  • C.F. Knedler Scholarship
    Dylan Snider
  • Robert Lawson Scholarship
    Aishah Alhomsi
  • Dorothy Bishop Scholarship
    Riley Paye
  • A.F. Tony Buffo Memorial Scholarship
    Dylan Snider
  • CornerBank Scholarship
    Avery Hogan
  • Steve and Janet English Scholarship
    Jaden Mount
  • Paton Wholesale Scholarship
    Emily Hilario, Elijah Rebold, Jerry Swart
  • Linda Barnes Memorial Scholarship
    Avery Hogan
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation Scholarship
    Morgan Bruce
  • Jean C. Lough Memorial Scholarship
    Hannah Coryea
  • Kirke Dale Memorial Trust Scholarship
    Kaylen Artherton, Brandy Robertson, Ashley Simpson
  • Duck Dash Scholarship
    Darren Bohanon, Tyler O’Quinn
  • E.A. Funk Scholarship
    Kelsea Bixler, Erin Kennedy
  • Gordon-Piatt William Krusor Memorial Scholarship
    Arnoldo Ruiz
  • Hall of Scholars Scholarship
    Nathanael Ast, Ashlynn Brake, Logan Brewer
    John Schwartz
  • John and Olive Kappler Scholarship
    Levi Handlin, Bailey Pike
  • Jim Kelly Scholarship
    Veronica Marin
  • Harold and Mary Lake Scholarship
    Caitlyn Loughridge
  • Clay and Betty Lemert Scholarship
    Starr LoNero
  • Craig D. Newman Memorial Scholarship
    Alyssa Lyman, Kiley Hernandez, Brendan Haight, Brittney McNown, Brendan Lloyd
  • Donald and Wilda Patterson Trust Scholarship
    Riley Paye, DeAndra Hughes, Noah Hunt
  • L G Pike Construction Scholarship
    Alexander Noland, Kailyn Walton
  • Larry and Carlla Pike Scholarship
    Madison Williams
  • Tom and Sheila Prichard Scholarship
    Jon Claybaugh
  • Sid Regnier Scholarship
    Avery Hogan
  • E.W. and Lauretta Shelton Scholarship
    Hannah Coryea
  • Robert and Helen Storbeck Scholarship
    Mai-Ling Kannenberg, Keely Rocha, Arnoldo Ruiz
  • Lawrence and Martha Stover Scholarship
    Kaden Boatman
  • Pat Lawson Tyler Scholarship
    Jaden Mount
  • Wayne and Nila Tyler Scholarship
    Yovani Hernandez
  • George and Betty Sybrant Scholarship
    Nancy Lartey Nah
  • Richard Tredway Scholarship
    Todd Cravens
  • Newt and Mary Ellen Smith Scholarship
    Bryce Bennett
  • Dale and Isobel Smith Scholarship
    Derek Stearns
  • Bedi Sehsuvaroghu Scholarship
    Garrett Misora
  • W.S. Scott Scholarship
    Kaylen Artherton
  • Rotary Club of Arkansas City Scholarship
    Riley Paye
  • Union State Bank Scholarship
    Deidra Shiever
  • United Agency Scholarship
    Todd Cravens
  • Bea Wright Scholarship
    Anastassiya Shavilko
  • Captola Yust Scholarship
    Jon Claybaugh
  • Zeller Motor Company Scholarship
    Hannah Titus


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