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August 27, 2015


High school grads stay local


With area high school graduates choosing to stay close to home to pursue their college education, Cowley College saw a 36 % enrollment increase from the year before in students that graduated from Sumner/Cowley County high schools.


Sumner County High School’s that have an increased number of students at Cowley College are, Argonia, Belle Plaine, Caldwell, Conway Springs, Oxford, and Wellington. Mulvane also saw an increase of 10 high school graduates choosing to attend Cowley.


Arkansas City, Arkansas City Christian Academy, Central-Burden, and Winfield were among the high school’s in Cowley County that have an increased number of students at Cowley College in the fall. Winfield had the largest increase of students enrolled at Cowley (24 more than 2014).


Cole Davis, a 2015 graduate of Arkansas City Christian Academy, has had many friends choose to attend Cowley and is glad to have an opportunity to attend college close to home.


“Cowley has great educational programs at an affordable cost,” Davis said. “I can start college without taking on student loan debt.”


Cowley College has long been a partner of the Sumner County and Cowley County service areas.


Janice Stover, Director of Academics/Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs, is pleased that many of the students from partner schools throughout the service area have chosen to take advantage of the educational opportunities at Cowley College.


“They have the convenience of remaining close to home yet gain knowledge from a talented group of faculty and staff,” Stover said. “I look forward to seeing who will emerge as student leaders as they become involved throughout campus.”


Admissions director Marcus Hicks said the focus of the admissions team was to build relationships with counselors and students during the spring.


“The admissions team reached out to students and counselors by phone and email which I think made a difference,” Hicks said. “We owe a huge thank you to the marketing team, employees in financial aid and the business office, and Lisa Grose who handles scholarships. We are excited for the upcoming school year as we continue to build relationships with our schools and their communities.”