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September 16, 2015

Training scenarios filmed at Cowley

Ti TrainingOn September 15 and 16 Ti Training Corp turned Cowley College’s main campus in Arkansas City into its latest training ground. Ti Training Corp is the company that manufactures and distributes the shooting simulator found in the criminal justice department. The simulator utilizes training scenarios filmed with “branches” or decision points that allow an extra level of realism to law enforcement training. The criminal justice department has had a Ti simulator incorporated into its curriculum for the last two years but was recently able to get the production company on campus to film scenarios here. 

Ti Training Corp’s visit had been in development for six months as both they and Cowley College criminal justice instructor Frank Owens worked together to develop scenarios that would be pertinent to student education as well as security and law enforcement training. 

With careful planning and utilizing several of Cowley College’s assets the production company was able to film over one dozen scenarios in a two-day period. Students from both the theater department and criminal justice department as well as Cowley College faculty and staff and area law enforcement officials were included in many of the scenarios to add to the realism. 

Scenes were shot at the Travis Hafner Training Center, Galle-Johnson Hall, Webb Brown Academic Center, Ireland Hall, Renn Memorial Library, Paris Park and The Lodge to make sure that the scenarios had the “Cowley Feel”. 

Some of the scenes that were filmed included an active shooter scenario, suspicious person calls, fights, drug warrants, an attempted sexual assault, an out of control person in the library, and a robbery at the bookstore. 

By the end of filming the production crew was impressed with Cowley College and the level of participation everyone shared in the project. The director even stated that it was quite likely that several of the scenarios were going to be nationally distributed by the company to other agencies and universities that have Ti simulators. 

Rough versions of the scenarios should be through post production in five to eight weeks. They will be evaluated by Cowley College and then edited for the final versions.