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September 23, 2015


Creative Writing class hosts Mark Flickinger Mark Flickinger


Mark Flickinger, Cowley College Chair of Visual and Performing Arts, spoke to Marlys Cervantes’ Creative Writing class recently about the idea of negative space used in art.


Using some of his own sketches as examples, Flickinger explained visual concepts of drawing around something to represent the thing rather than drawing it. He also explained the edges of a drawing fading out in a way that we still know how they end without being given the remainder of the drawn object.


In class, the students discussed how the concepts of negative space relate to writing, especially as it pertains to mystery. In addition, the class focused on Flickinger’s ideas about layers and using them reveal a drawing, the plot of a story or a character.


drawing“Mark is such an energetic and entertaining individual, it’s fun to see students realize that he is also genius when it comes to his passion for his art and art in general,” Cervantes said. “Students are lucky to have him at Cowley College. He brings the highest level of expertise to all he does.”


At Cervantes’ request, Flickinger also spoke about his murals that delve into the progression of the written word, a recent project in Topeka, and his current work.