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November 6, 2015


Scholarships awarded to top-two Queen Alalah finalists


scholarshipOn top of being named the top-two finalists for Queen Alalah LXXXIV, Maranda Oak and Giana Fiorentino were recently presented with scholarships.


Oak, who was crowned Queen Alalah LXXXIV on Oct. 30, was awarded a Dorothy Moore Harbaugh (Queen Alalah I) Endowed Scholarship worth $640 and a scholarship on behalf of the Ark City Clinic worth $500.


“I am honored to receive these scholarships,” Oak said. “It is especially cool to receive a scholarship in honor of the first Queen Alalah, Dorothy Moore Harbaugh.”


Fiorentino was presented with a $350 scholarship thanks to General Electric.


“This is such a great honor and I again am thankful to receive it,” Fiorentino said. “I am excited to put this scholarship towards my future education at Kansas State University.”


Ben Schears, Cowley College vice president for institutional advancement, and Tasha Bucher, executive director for the Arkalalah Executive Committee, were on hand to present Oak and Fiorentino with the scholarships.