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December 8, 2015


Cowley AEC team hosts Snow Bowl tournament


AECFifteen teams took part in the Academic Excellence Challenge (AEC) Snow Bowl Tournament Saturday at Cowley College’s main campus in Arkansas City.


Cowley had three teams represented at the tournament as the “A” team placed fourth, the “B” team finished ninth, and the two-person “C” team ended in 15th place.


The Johnson County “A” team won the tournament.


Along with Cowley, other schools represented at the tournament were, Allen Community College, Cloud Community College, Coffeyville Community College, Dodge City Community College, Garden City Community College, Redlands (OK) Community College, and Johnson County.


Brandon Hattesohl, a member of the Johnson County “A” team, placed first out of 56 individuals at the tournament. Freshman Jaden Mount, who competed as a member of Cowley’s “C” team, was Cowley’s top finisher as he placed 10th.


Cowley College president Dr. Dennis Rittle provided the welcome and talked about how he had recently had an opportunity to speak to a group of city managers from across the state of Kansas and when talking about extracurricular activities and their importance in the development of students, he was speaking about events like this.


AEC team members learned team work, preparation, training and self-discipline, as well as coping with disappointment; students were learning life skills.


Dr. Rittle said that students were not only the leaders of the future but leaders even today. Leaders of their colleagues, leaders within their institutions and leaders even in the communities where they live.


Along with Mount, other Cowley students at the tournament were, Daltin Brock (12th place), Garrett Misora (16th place), Harvey Baker (17th place), Brandon Scurlock (18th place), Amy Austin (30th place), Jesse McCabe (31st place), Alex Geurin (32nd place), Adam Glenn (34th place), and Shane Kieffer (46th place).


Mark Flickinger, Cowley College Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair, served as the moderator and previous AEC student, Aniya McGowan kept score. Dianne Flickinger is Cowley College’s AEC team sponsor.


Meg Smith, Cowley College’s Director of Mass Communications, enjoyed being involved in the event for the second year.


“The Snow Bowl offers such a great opportunity for colleges from around the area to showcase their academic prowess. Students compete for the top spots in an amiable environment. I appreciate getting to know some of the students in our program and from the visiting schools,” Smith said.


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