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March 6, 2017


Jeramy Lamar elected Kansas-Nebraska Region President, Beta Phi Upsilon wins awards


Jeramy Lamar elected Kansas-Nebraska Region President, Beta Phi Upsilon wins awardsMarch 3-5, Beta Phi Upsilon from Cowley College's Mulvane Center attended the Regional Hallmark Awards Convention for the Kansas-Nebraska region of Phi Theta Kappa.

Friday began with the nomination of Jeramy Lamar for region president. A political rally was held in the evening where Jeramy and his campaign manager, Amira Lamb, along with chapter members Courtney Anderson, Liz Dao, Kellie Hampton, Ethan Aldrich and alumnus Alyssa Schartz passed out information pieces and promoted Jeramy to others in the region.

The second general session saw a Q&A panel from former regional officers about how Phi Theta Kappa had changed their lives, along with a motivation speech from current International Vice President for Division III, Sydney Pemberton.

Saturday morning, regional officer candidate gave their speeches on one of the honors study topics for this year. They were joined by international officer candidates who also practiced their speeches: Amira Lamb of Cowley College-Mulvane who is running for international president, and Obinna Muoh of Highland Community College, who is running for Vice President of Division III.

BPU beardsElections were held at lunch and the region traveled to the Museum of World Treasures in Wichita to delve into global perspectives and thought-provoking pieces, including segments on the many wars America has participated in and a 60% intact T-Rex skeleton named Ivan.
At the hallmark awards gala, Beta Phi Upsilon was given many awards: Honors in Action Project honorable mention, Distinguished Member – Courtney Anderson honorable mention and Five Star Chapter. Michelle Grantz was also named the recipient of the “Life Happens Scholarship”. Advisors Tiffany Killblane and Chad Killblane also received Horizon Advisor Awards from the region in recognition of their commitment and involvement to their chapter and PTK. Chad Killblane also received the runner up award for Paragon Award for Advisors after being nominated by his students.

The evening concluded with the announcement of the new 2017-2018 regional officers. The chapter was overjoyed to learn that Jeramy Lamar of Belle Plaine was named Regional President for 2017-2018! He will oversee all regional meetings and guide the team of regional officers as they plan upcoming conventions and projects. Beta Phi Upsilon and Cowley College could not be more proud of his accomplishments.

Sunday morning, the convention heard from Rob Quillen who was made famous due to the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Rob had a bad day of travel and ended up seated next to United Airlines 93 pilot Jason Dahl the night before on a flight to Newark, NJ. They became fast friends and Quillen committed to helping Dahl’s son fulfill a dream of attending a NASCAR race and meeting Jeff Gordon. Though Dahl would never make it to that race, Quillen went to work making Matt’s dreams come true. His message was simple: we can all make the dreams of others come true, all we have to do is support, motivate, and ask, “Why wait”?

Beta Phi Upsilon returned excited for the International Convention in Nashville next month and ready to change the lives of those around them by motivating others to go after their dreams.