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March 29, 2017


Cowley provides electrical course to milling employees


Cowley College recently provided its second, three-day electrical course to 16 flour milling employees at its main campus in Arkansas City.

During the past year, the International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM) has worked with the Cowley College Mechatronics program and Tina Grillot, Cowley College associate vice president for business and industry, to present a customized training identified as a critical need by the IAOM Education Committee for various technicians at milling facilities across the United States.

Grillot said it was an honor to provide the electrical training for IAOM.

“They have been excellent partners in this endeavor, including extending their expertise to assist us in developing our one-year Milling Technology program,” Grillot said.

Cowley is currently working with Tom Sargent, Director of Professional Development at IAOM to expand its electrical training to include an advanced level of hands-on training and opening the Milling program to concurrently enrolled high school students. 

“We are proud to be a part of this exciting and dynamic partnership,” Grillot said.

According to Melinda Farris, IAOM executive vice president, improving the electrical skills of mill maintenance and professional staff is an important part of milling production efficiencies, preventative and cost saving efforts, and especially employee safety.

Farris thanked Cowley College president Dr. Dennis C. Rittle, Tina Grillot and Mechatronics instructor Daniel Higdon for their guidance and professional efforts in this second training event.

“All have been stellar partners as they worked with an IAOM sub-committee to redefine curriculum needed to make this endeavor an even more successful training event,” Farris said.