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April 24, 2017


Theatre Department shines in production of Rumors by Neil Simon


Theatre Department shines in production of Rumors by Neil SimonWith high impact energy acting and an incredible set to allow for physical comedy, Cowley College’s theatre department knocked it out of the park with their production of Rumors by Neil Simon April 20-22 in the Robert Brown Theatre.

The story line revolved around a large, tastefully appointed dinner party where the Deputy Mayor of New York has just shot himself. Gathering for their 10th wedding anniversary, the host lies bleeding in the other room and his wife is nowhere in sight. His lawyer, Ken and wife Chris must get "the story" straight before the other guests arrive. As the confusions and mis-communications mount, the evening spins off into classic farcical hilarity.

Theatre director Cara Kem and technical director John Rohr teamed up to produce the hilarious farce.

“These kids make us look good, they are just so dang talented,” Kem said. “I could not be more pleased with the casting for this show. Each couple had incredible chemistry, which served the script perfectly.”


Ken Gorman – Tim Hardman
Chris Gorman – Taryn Stone
Lenny Ganz – Julian Cornejo
Clair Ganz – Hannah Short
Ernie Cusak – Ross Ferris
Cookie Cusak – Miyah Latney
Glann Cooper – Josh Wolf
Cassie Cooper – Jessica Burk
Officer Welch – Monet Watson
Officer Pudey – Steven Lu
Lenny/Erine US – Michael Rodriquez
Chris/Cookie US – Tori Vansteinburg
Clair/Cassie US – Courtney Wallace


Stage Management – Kim Wong
Assistant Stage Manager – Bri Guevara
Student Director – Payton Latney
House – Alex Lisenbee
Props – Steven Lu, Hannah Coryea
Costumes – Jenny Thivongsa, Courtney Wallace, Payton Latney, Hannah Coryea
Media – Hannah Short, Jessica Burk
Sound – Jordan Vande Giessen
Lights – Brianna Baxley
Paint Charge – Miyah Latney