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June 7, 2017


On Course Workshop held to improve student success and retention


On Course Workshop held to improve student success and retentionCowley College was the host of a three-day On Course Workshop June 5-7 in the Earle N. Wright Community Room. The Workshop was attended by teachers, administrators, and student success workers from 11 colleges in five different states.

The purpose of the On Course Workshop is to help Colleges improve student success and retention. Dr. Skip Downing, founder of On Course, conducted the learner-centered professional development event designed to provide individuals with dozens of innovative strategies for empowering students to become active, responsible and successful learners. This is the same workshop offered at conference centers across the country.

These learner-centered strategies — representing best practices from innovators in higher education, business, psychology, sports and personal effectiveness — help students become full and active partners in their own education.

Strategies presented in the workshop improve both student academic success and retention.

“The two major things I want the individuals to take away from the workshop is how to get students more engaged and how to empower students to make the most out of that engagement,” Dr. Downing said. “We need to empower students to make smart choices about their education.”

Workshop host Dr. Harold Arnett said “Every time I have taught a class using the On Course concepts, students respond at the end of the course: "This class changed my life.”

Dr. Downing previously served as Professor of English at Baltimore City Community College for 32 years. He has been the recipient of the NISOD Community College Leadership Award for teaching excellence and was named in USA Today as one of the 50 best community college instructors in the United States and Canada.