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September 19, 2016


Cowley to host Chamber Coffee in Winfield on September 22


Cowley College operates its paramedic, EMT and other health programs from its Winfield location at 1406 E. Eighth Avenue. Chris Cannon, a Cowley County native and local resident, chairs the Health and Human Services department. The program has built a reputation for high standards, talented teaching and high success rates for its students. Its most recent cohort of paramedic students achieved a 100% pass rate on both written and performance based Board exams.

Cannon and other Cowley employees will join Dr. Harold W. "Doc" Arnett, Vice-President for Academic Affairs in hosting the Chamber Coffee at 10 a.m. on Thursday, September 22 at the Winfield Chamber of Commerce.

Cannon observes, “Our faculty and staff members at Cowley are dedicated and passionate about providing the absolute best educational programs. Having an exceptional education allows our graduates to provide top-notch patient care.”

Cannon plans on achieving the same sort of success with the new Fire Science program that he developed with significant cooperation from area fire departments, including Winfield, Wellington and Arkansas City. Chiefs or other representatives from those departments accompanied Cannon and other administrators from the College to Topeka in the spring.

“The proposal had to go before the state Technical Education Authority for approval,” explained Dr. Arnett. “Having those three gentlemen seated in full dress uniform right in front of that panel made a clear statement of support.”

Cannon added, “It’s an honor to work with our local first responders and healthcare professionals.”

Arnett then continued, “Another thing that helped was Chris' excellent work on the proposal that was first submitted to the Kansas Board of Regents staff for review. The reviewer wrote to me, 'This is one of the very best proposals we've ever seen here. Everything about it—the statement of need, the support, the curriculum, everything—was just done so well.'

“When you have that kind of preparation and quality in a proposal, it really makes it easier to move it through the state's approval pipeline,” Arnett concluded, “Chris Cannon truly cares about the quality of our programs, his instructors and staff and their students. We know we can depend on our full-time teachers—Steven Storm, Samantha Troyer and Jeremy Goerzen—along with a very capable group of adjunct teachers.”

Dr. Arnett also plans on introducing the new Associate Vice-President for Business and Industry at the Chamber Coffee, pending Board approval.

“We are confident that this new hire is going to prove to be a genuine benefit to us and to area business and industry."
Arnett declined to disclose the new administrator's identity until after the Board of Trustees has given its approval.
Arnett and other Cowley staff will be on hand to describe some of the Academic Affairs programs and solicit input from guests on issues of interest.