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September 28, 2016


Beta Phi Upsilon attends leadership conference in Hays


Beta Phi Upsilon attends leadership conference in HaysOn September 23rd and 24th, Beta Phi Upsilon, the Phi Theta Kappa chapter in Mulvane, attended the Kansas-Nebraska Leadership Conference with four students and two advisors.

On the first outing of the chapter on a region level, Beta Phi Upsilon won the Channing Chant contest where chapters introduce themselves with a skit, song or cheer. Advisors Tiffany and Chad Killblane encouraged the students to embrace the idea of BPU Pirates, the club’s chosen theme this year, and sing a parody of the Irish tune “Drunken Sailor” while waving around toy swords and wearing pirate-related props.

Channing, the Kansas-Nebraska bear mascot, is a very important tradition and member among the region and it is an honor for a chapter to win. They will host Channing until the next competition. The students are excited to bring Channing to future meetings and club events as well as adding to her travel bag of outfits.

Students also participated in the region’s service project for September, a penny war between the chapters to raise money for Mulvane flood victims. Over two days, the Kansas-Nebraska region raised $342 that they sent home in a large bucket with BPU for donations. The chapter is very proud to be part of such a caring region and thankful for everyone’s donations.

Friday night, the region hosted Rachel Wagner who educated the group on proper dining etiquette in business and formal dinner settings before finishing the night at Freddie’s Frozen Custard with ice cream.

Saturday, Ms. Wagner continued the etiquette training by providing an informative session on proper email writing, social media posting, joining a conversation, and introducing two acquaintances. Breakout sessions later that day featured Phi Theta Kappa training where students learned the history of the organization and participated in discussion about membership recruitment and fundraising.

Other breakout sessions attended included running for regional/international office, alumni association, and the basics of the honors in action topic.

Attending BPU members included President Keely Rocha, Officer Mickie Grantz, Officer Kylie Kester, and member Courtney Anderson.
“Every time I attend one of these conferences I leave so pumped up for Phi Theta Kappa,” said President Rocha to the rest of BPU, “The key is that we have to transfer our enthusiasm to the rest of our group.”

Beta Phi Upsilon is looking forward to the next regional conference and sending out invitations to eligible students soon so they can also experience all that Phi Theta Kappa has to offer.

Pictured, from left, with the money raised by the region for Mulvane Flood Relief in the form of change. Courtney Anderson (with Channing Bear), Kylie Kester, Keely Rocha, and Mickie Grantz.