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November 4, 2016


Cowley College and Kansas State University sign new 2+2 agreement


Cowley College and Kansas State University sign new 2+2 agreementRepresentatives from Cowley College’s Academic Affairs met with representatives of Kansas State University on Thursday to discuss articulation agreements. Two new agreements were signed, adding to the list of 2+2 programs that are already in place. The new agreements are for Science Nutrition and Health and Dietetics.

Dr. Harold Arnett, Cowley College vice president of academic affairs, said this is another demonstration of benefit from the College’s relationship with K-State. Cowley College department chairs—Chris Cannon and Dr. Michelle Schoon—worked with Devin Graves and Janice Stover to work out the details of these agreements for Dietetics and for Science Nutrition and Health.

“These articulation agreements help make things work more smoothly for students transferring to the university,” Dr. Arnett said. “They also save students time and money by assuring that the students take the courses they need and can use in completing a four-year degree. Every course they can take here at Cowley saves them money because of our much lower tuition rates.”

Duane Dunn, Associate Dean of the K-State Global Campus, is pleased that these programs are available for individuals who are interested in careers in nutrition and dietetics.

“This agreement enables the full program to be completed online without having to relocate or change employment,” Dunn said. “Great career advancement is available for the graduate so we are excited to provide these agreements with Cowley College students."

Those pictured are, front row from left, Duane Dunn, Cowley president Dr. Dennis C. Rittle, and Dr. Harold Arnett. And back row, from left, Josh Cobble, Devin Graves, Jennifer Pfortmiller, Janice Stover, Janice Nikkel, and Tina Grillot.