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February 6, 2018

Limited seating remains for Steel Magnolias at Cowley College

Limited seating remains for Steel Magnolias at Cowley CollegeSteel Magnolias is a beautiful story of love, friendship, and life. Six longtime friends in the small town of Chinquapin, Louisiana fill Truvy's hair salon with laughter, gossip, and tears. Truvy's new assistant, Annelle, sociable M'Lynn, and her pretty daughter bride-to-be Shelby, as well as the hysterical bickering Ouiser and Clairee, support each other with love, laughter, and beauty products. As hair is dried, dyed and styled, women's lives unfold and show the meaning of true friendship.

A classic favorite in the history of Cowley College, directors Cara Kem and John Dylon Rohr with Julian Cornejo as the student director, have found a new twist. This year's production will be staged in the round, which brings the audience right into the action. The show plays February 15-17 at the Robert Brown Theater at 7:30 p.m. A limited amount of tickets remain on sale and can be purchased at, or by calling 620-441-5570.

In the round means the audience sits all around the stage area, raised similar to stadium seating. The Robert Brown Theatre is being turned into a 'blackbox" allowing all of the seating to be built onto the stage. Audience members will enter the auditorium as usual, and then they'll make their way onto the stage. There is also a special path and seating for those needing handicap accessibility. 

“Working in the round is quite a challenge in itself,” Kem said. “Only one actress has worked in the round before, so they had to trust the directors, since the first few days of rehearsals felt so different to what they are used to. But once they got used to it, they started really moving naturally in the space. These actresses have been working their tails off! We only have three weeks to rehearse, but these girls are so excited to produce such a beautiful piece, work has felt more like good friends getting together to play.”

The ensemble cast includes freshmen Unique Wilson, Antoinette Morris, Raeven Blackbull, Cassidy Harriger, and sophomores Jazmynn Burris and Courtney Wallace.