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February 16, 2018

KanOkla Networks gives $40,000 for naming rights in Sumner Campus IT Lab

KanOkla Networks gives $40,000 for naming rights in Sumner Campus IT LabWith Cowley College's Sumner Campus preparing to open the Technical Center in the fall of 2018, KanOkla Networks jumped at the opportunity to have its name permanently affixed on the new campus as they gave the college a check for $40,000 for the naming rights to the IT Lab on Wednesday, February 14 in Caldwell, KS.

"This is an exciting opportunity to bring activities and classes to the Sumner County area and we are happy to have the chance to help Cowley College and have our name on the IT Lab," said Scott Bannister, president of the KanOkla Board of Directors. "We are all in this together and try to help each other out. We hope the college will provide technical classes in the future, so we can hire local for KanOkla."

As a fellow organizational leader, Cowley College president Dr. Dennis C. Rittle finds it touching to see the leadership of this sister organization come through with this significant gift to the college.

"They stepped up and showed the courage to lead the way into making this campus reflect what it is, and that is a community college campus," Dr. Rittle said. "I find it fitting that this happened on Valentine's Day, since it is an expression of love in this generous gift."

KanOkla's mission statement is "To improve the lives of our members and KanOkla communities."

KanOkla offers a wide variety of services including: phone, broadband, wireless Internet, key systems, graphics, web design, banners, and cellular.

Carol Peterson, treasurer of the KanOkla Board of Directors said it is great to have Cowley College in Sumner County.

"We are committed to the students in the area and having the college in Sumner County will help the area stay viable," Peterson said.

Following the opening of the Technical Center in the fall, the Short General Education Center is expected to open on the Sumner Campus in the fall of 2019.

Agriculture, manufacturing, computer science, first-responders and education programs will be the initial slate of programs offered at the Sumner campus.

For information on additional naming rights opportunities at the Sumner Campus please contact Dr. Kori Gregg, Cowley College vice president of institutional advancement, at 620-441-5245, or contact Lena Spencer, Foundation coordinator, at 620-441-5319.

Those pictured are, from left, Dr. Kori Gregg, Dr. Dennis C. Rittle, Jill Kuehny, Kim Miller, Dana Pierce, John Showman, Harold LeValley, and Mark McEachern. Front row, from left, Scott Bannister, Carol Peterson, Mark Schwerdtfeger, and Brad Rieger.