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August 17, 2017


AEC team undergoes a name change


AEC team undergoes a name changeLast May 2017, Kansas AEC (Academic Excellence Challenge) coaches from nine community colleges met at the state tournament and agreed to change the name from KAEC – Kansas Academic Excellence Challenge to KCQB – Kansas Collegiate Quiz Bowl.

Cowley College Collegiate Quiz Bowl sponsor Dianne Flickinger said Dr. Jeanie Ferguson and Dr. Will Friesen from Garden City Community College were the masterminds.

“We felt we would no longer have to explain what the AEC team does. We thought it would help prospective students, as well as colleagues, to recognize what we do because “Academic Excellence Challenge always required explanation, whereas “Quiz Bowl” is self-explanatory,” Flickinger said. “The addition of “Collegiate” at the start of the name helps to distinguish us from any middle or high school teams. Additionally, the name change should help with recruiting and make college reporting to the Higher Education Commission simpler.”

As a sponsor of Cowley College’s Collegiate Quiz Bowl (CQB) team, Flickinger wants people to be aware of the name change. Cowley College AEC students have had great success the last three years. They have gone to nationals each of the last three years and have placed first and have had two second place finishes in the state of Kansas.

“I don’t want the success of AEC to be lost in the name change,” Flickinger said. “We have three returning students and are looking for more students who work together- college students who can quickly answer questions in 3-5 seconds in sciences, history, current events, mathematics, arts and music.”

CQB will hold its first meeting on Monday, August 21 and already have several interested students who signed up at the Club/Church/Community Fair who were excited to find a quiz bowl at Cowley College.

“I am hopeful for continued success of Collegiate Quiz Bowl, the new Academic Excellence Challenge,” Flickinger said.

Cowley College will host the Snow Bowl Tournament on Saturday, December 2.

“We will need faculty, staff, and AEC alumni who are interested in moderating and keeping score for the day,” Flickinger said. “It's an exciting, competitive day if you love Quiz Bowl.”

The public is invited to observe the competition at no cost.

For more information on CQB or to volunteer to assist with the Snow bowl Tournament, contact Dianne Flickinger at 620-441-5211.