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September 1, 2017


Cowley graduates thriving at Emporia State University


Statistics show that graduates of Cowley College are excelling at the four-year schools they transfer to. A recent example was provided through a transfer report from Emporia State University that showed 97 Cowley College graduates posted a cumulative 3.29 grade point average during the spring semester at ESU.

The spring semester GPA for all 3,242 Emporia State University undergraduates was 3.03, and the GPA for all 1,994 community college transfer students at ESU was 3.15.

“It is very affirming to see our students doing well at the transfer universities,” Cowley College vice president for Academic Affairs Dr. Harold Arnett said. “It is a testimony to the quality of teaching, the strength of our support services, and the combined efforts of every employee of Cowley College.”