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September 13, 2017


Cowley alumnus raising money for the USO


Mitch Hoover, a 2010 graduate of Cowley College, plans to take part in the New York City Marathon on November 5 in order to raise money for the USO (United Service Organizations).

After graduating from Cowley College, Hoover spent five years in the Marines before being honorably discharged in November 2015. Hoover, who currently resides in Brooklyn, New York, is asking individuals to donate to his running in the New York City Marathon at with all the proceeds going to the USO.

Cowley alumnus raising money for the USO “I have always wanted to run a marathon, even if it is just once and I cannot imagine a better time and place than my time here in NYC,” Hoover said. “The USO was always a safe haven for me no matter where I was. There was always a place with food, entertainment, financial help, it made my time serving much more enjoyable and I wanted to give back.”
Prior to the New York City Marathon, Hoover will run in the Marine Corps Marathon on October 22.

“It's a bit much but the opportunity came up to do it, so I figured why not,” Hoover said.

Hoover enlisted in the Marines in December 2010. While he was in the Marines he mainly served as a V22 Osprey Crew Chief in Okinawa, Japan where he was involved in humanitarian operations in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiayan and Nepal after the 2015 earthquake. He also did a six month stint in Okinawa as an MP Watch Commander.

Hoover graduated from Oxford High School in 2008. At Oxford he was heavily involved in the theatre department and yearbook. He was unsure how he was going to pay for college until he met former Cowley College Theatre Director Scott MacLaughlin.

“Luckily Scott met with me, arranged an audition at my school, and gave me a full ride. It was a blessing,” Hoover said.

Along with his involvement in Cowley’s theatre department, Hoover met Cowley journalism instructor Meg Smith and got involved with the journalism department.

Hoover mentioned MacLaughlin and Smith as well as Jamison Rhodes, Marlys Cervantes, Chris Mayer, John Sefel, Cara Kem, and Mark Flickinger as being instrumental during his time at Cowley.

“They all helped shape me in some way and I wouldn't be the same without them,” Hoover said.

Hoover graduated from Cowley College in 2010, but returned to the school for a semester while auditioning for BFA programs in New York City.

Hoover is currently in the BFA in Dramatic Arts program at The New School for Drama focusing on acting and experimental theatre. He has also recently began interning at The Wooster Group, which is a company founded by Spalding Gray and Liz Lecompte more than 40 years ago.

“If it wasn't for Cowley and their generous scholarship I would not have had the freedom to explore and learn more about myself as a human being,” Hoover said. “The teachers I had their pushed me, and that ultimately led to me studying in NYC. I couldn't have done it without them.”