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October 13, 2017


Deanne Fort to wear multiple hats at Cowley


Deanne Fort to wear multiple hats at CowleyWith some creative and flexible cooperation between academics and enrollment, Cowley College recently created an accompanist/admissions representative position at its main campus in Arkansas City. The college hired Deanne Fort, a graduate of Southwestern College in Winfield to fill this new position.

Fort, who spent the past 17 years involved in accounting and human resources, started taking piano lessons in first grade. She then started private voice lessons in eighth grade and continued that through her time at Southwestern.

“Music allows me to express myself in a different way,” Fort said. “Music also allows me to express a variety of emotions. You can be having a horrible day, but after a rehearsal or time at the piano, you feel better.”


The dual position allows her to be involved with students, which she enjoys.

“The admissions part of my position allows me to keep up on the computer skills that I have, and the music portion allows me to put my experience with singing with professional ensembles to work and I very much enjoy accompanying,” Fort said. “I really like working both sides of my brain with this position”

Dr. Harold Arnett, Cowley College vice president of academic affairs, said this is a great example of the College working together.

“Without the support of our CFO and our president, this never could have happened,” Dr. Arnett said. “As a result, the vocal music program and our admissions unit are both able to provide better service to students. And that after all is our primary focus.”

Fort has hit the ground running in her new roles.

“Both departments have been great to work with so far and I am loving my new position,” Fort said.