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December 4, 2017

Cowley hosts successful Snow Bowl

Cowley hosts successful Snow Bowl quiz competitionThe Collegiate Quiz Bowl (formerly known as Academic Excellence Challenge) team at Cowley College hosted the Snow Bowl Saturday at the main campus in Arkansas City.

A total of seven schools and 12 teams took part in the Snow Bowl, which was won by Johnson County (8-0). Coffeyville placed second with a record of 7-1.

“The day was successful in that we represented Cowley College well even if we did not get the top team awards,” Collegiate Quiz Bowl (CQB) coach Dianne Flickinger said.

Aimee Schwintz (10th place), Matthew Sinnett (11th place), and Kamdon Fuqua (15th place) were the top three individuals on Cowley’s A & B team for the day.

“Kamdon showed the greatest improvement at this tournament,” Flickinger said. “He was placed on the B team because he did not make the top four players based on our scrimmage in Neosho on Oct. 14, but he continues to improve. I had asked Cowley president Dr. Dennis C. Rittle to visit our practice in November to talk about the dynamics of teamwork. Kamdon took the information to heart and decided he had more to offer the team than what he had been given. It was his goal to do better than his friend Matthew Sinnett. Kamdon was ahead of Matthew in Round seven, but Matthew had a good eighth round. There is plenty of friendship, competition, and comradery within our own teams.”

Samantha Myatt, competing for the Cowley B team, also did well and placed 31st out of 55 competitors.

“Samantha has spent extra time studying poetry, which paid off for her as she showed improvement in her individual score,” Flickinger said.
Other Cowley individuals competing in the Snow Bowl were Will Tapedo (36th), Symantha Shelton (38th), Ryan Padley (46th), Destiny Punches (47th), Edgar Fuentes (48th), and Jacob Michaelis (50th).

A total of seven schools and 12 teams took part in the Snow Bowl quiz competition hosted by Cowley CollegeFlickinger was proud of the progress the teams made throughout the semester.

“I am proud of the gains each person made this semester in quiz bowl. It has been fun learning and competing with them,” Flickinger said.

Johnson County’s Nathan Lucas was the top individual finisher at the Snow Bowl.

CQB alumni, Chase LaPorte, Daltin Brock, Mason Warren, John Dylon Rohr, and Amy Nicole Austin helped out with moderating and scorekeeping. Daltin Brock is the top Cowley College quiz bowl player according to points answered during their time at Cowley, while Mason Warren is third all-time.

“The love for quiz bowl does not end after graduating from Cowley College,” Flickinger said.

John Rohr, technical director of theatre at Cowley College, is the first alumni to participate in Snow Bowl as Cowley Faculty. Warren and Rohr played on the same quiz bowl team at Cowley in 2014-15 and helped Cowley place fourth at the 2015 state tournament.

Dr. Rittle, gave a warm welcome to the seven colleges who came to compete, vice president of academic affairs Doc Arnett, and faculty members Mark Flickinger, Daniel Higdon, John Dylon Rohr, and Meg Carroll Smith assisted with moderating, and Brooke Baird Istas kept score.
“Our moderators made the day fun as they tackled some difficult names to quickly pronounce aloud of people and places such as Enceladus, Kristallnacht, Tokugawa Shogunate, and Pyotr Kapitsa to name a few,” Flickinger said. “Thank you for volunteering your day with us.”

Flickinger also wished to thank the custodian team that had the tables set up and the Webb-Brown Academic Center clean for the teams to compete, and for Janet Winegarner, who was there to offer her services afterward.

Those interested in being a participant next semester or next year, please contact Collegiate Quiz Bowl (CQB) coach, Dianne Flickinger at

Cowley College offers CQB tuition and book scholarships for students taking at least six credits at Cowley College and having a 3.0 GPA.

Team standings: (1) Johnson County; (2) Coffeyville; (3) Cloud County; (4) Garden City A; (5) Redlands A; (6) Redlands B; (7) Dodge City; (8) Fort Scott; (9tie) Garden City B; (9tie) Cowley A; (11) Garden City C; (12) Cowley B.