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December 13, 2017


Board approves the addition of bowling; Shurtz takes part in final meeting


It was an eventful evening during Cowley College’s regularly scheduled monthly Board of Trustees meeting held Monday, December 11 in the McAtee Dining Center, with the Trustees approving the addition of men’s and women’s bowling teams at the Cowley College Mulvane Center in the fall of 2018.

Cowley College athletic director Shane Larson provided the Board with a feasibility study showing the benefits of adding men and women’s bowling teams. Larson said bowling is growing in popularity among Kansas high school students and there are strong recruitment areas in Kansas and Oklahoma.

With Wichita State University having one of the top college bowling programs in the nation, the Shockers turn away an average of over 60 potential student athletes that attend the annual tryout for their teams.

Larson said the Tiger bowling teams will practice and hold home matches at the Derby Bowl. He also mentioned the addition of bowling will help provide a sense of cohesion, and student spirit at the Mulvane Center as well as provide opportunities for community involvement.

“We are extremely excited to announce the addition of Men’s and Women’s Bowling to our athletic offerings at Cowley College,” Larson said. “The sport of bowling is very popular at the high school level and we will be the first two-year College to offer the sport in Kansas. We are proud to be able to provide a new opportunity for students that want to be able to continue competing in their sport that is financial feasible for them and their families. The other aspect that is one of a kind in Kansas for this new program is that we are housing the sport at our Mulvane Campus. Cowley College has had a presence in the Mulvane Community for years and we are excited to expand our athletic programs to that campus. I am unaware of any other Jayhawk Conference School that offers a NJCAA sanctioned sport at an extension campus, so this program will be leading the way in expanding offerings at multiple sites for an institution as well.”

Revenue for the program will be generated through tuition, fees and book sales.

Also during Monday’s meeting, past Board Chair Dennis K. Shurtz took part in his final meeting as a member of the Board of Trustees. Mr. Shurtz previously served on the Board of Trustees from 1991-1999 before returning to the Board in 2009.

Cowley College president Dr. Dennis C. Rittle presented Shurtz with a plaque for his 16 and a half years of service on the Board.

Shurtz said serving with the previous and current Board members was a rewarding experience.

“I want to thank the people that have made the college a success and have helped it in the direction it is headed,” Shurtz said. “It is vitally important that people have an opportunity to serve. New faces, new ideas and enthusiasm are needed to continue to make the college grow. The college is important to not only this community, but also the area and the state and for that I applaud you.”

In other matters:

1. Cowley College president Dr. Dennis C. Rittle provided a College update. Dr. Rittle said the first two wayfinding signs on the main campus have been installed in the entrance to the Galle Johnson Parking lot as well as in front of the Brown Center. There are many more signs to come, which will be installed after the first of the new year. Dr. Rittle also thanked the Trustees and their spouses, as well as Tiffany Vollmer, Gary Hale, David Smith, and Evan Ricker for their work during the KACCT Trustee meetings held on the main campus in Arkansas City. Dr. Rittle also thanked the Trustees, staff, and faculty for making the college strong and healthy.
2. Approved fiscal officers of the College to execute payment of all bills and claims as presented with general operating funds of $1,111,545.61, and federal funds of $588,197.18 for a total written of $1,703,669.51.
3. Saw Cowley College president Dr. Dennis C. Rittle present Emily Lundblom of Mulvane, KS, and Edgar Fuentes of Arkansas City, KS, with gifts for being named the school’s November and December Students of the Month.
4. Jessica Lucas, Government Affairs Liaison, provided the Board with a legislative update.
5. Approved the appointment of Tiffany D. Vollmer as Clerk of the Board.
6. Approved the appointment of Dr. Gloria J. Walker as Treasurer of the Board.
7. Approved the appointment of David W. Andreas as Attorney for the Board.
8. Approved the request for the College to do business as “Cowley College”. The legal name of the College will remain Cowley County Community College to buy/sell property, etc.
9. Approved the Faculty and Staff Code of Conduct policy.
10. Janet Davidson, director of early childhood education, provided an update on the proposed Early Childhood Development Center. Davidson said she was recently awarded a $5,000 grant from the V.J. Wilkins Foundation to conduct a feasibility study. She mentioned that they are also working on creating a Development Feasibility Board and are exploring other funding options.
11. Approved the annual audit of fiscal and management accounting of the college for fiscal year 2016-17. Board Clerk Tiffany Vollmer is directed to file the report with the official records of the college.
12. Humanities Department instructors Jennifer Rupp and Kyle Hays provided the Board with an overview of the Writing Center which opened in August 2017 as a small pilot program. The Writing Center is housed in the basement of the Renn Memorial Library and is open Monday through Thursday from 7-10 p.m. and Sunday from 4-10 p.m. The Writing Center offers tutoring for all types of writing for any class. The Writing Center provides both tutoring appointments and work time for students to ask short questions as they work on their own. Going forward, Rupp and Hays would like to see more faculty and peer tutors at the Writing Center to accommodate the growing demand.
13. Cheri Hulse and David Herlocker of Agora Architecture, and Wayne Winkelbauer of Conco Construction provided an update on the Sumner Campus. A slide show of the steel work going up on the Technology Building was presented as well as a digitized Short Center interior design update. They recently began digging the basement for the Short Center and said everything is moving right along.
14. Appointed Nancy Burger to fill the vacant seat left by former Trustee, Sid Regnier. Mrs. Burger will begin serving on the Board of Trustees on January 8, 2018. “The Board wishes to thank all of the citizens of Cowley County for their interest in this vacant seat and wish to welcome Mrs. Burger to the Cowley College Board of Trustees beginning January 8, 2018,” Vice Chair JoLynn Foster said.
15. Dr. Gloria Walker, vice president of finance and administration, submitted the requests for contracts and provided the Board with a Sumner Campus update.
16. The Board accepted the donation of a vehicle from the Arkansas City Police Department at an estimated value of $5,500.
17. Approved Wilcox Painting to do the painting and floor sealer, and Wendwood to do the millwork for the Sumner Campus Innovation and Technology Building.
18. The Board approved the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) agreement of $7,989,000 for the construction services for the Sumner Campus.
19.  Dr. Harold Arnett, vice president of academic affairs, informed the Board that served and supported 127 students with over 80 hours of tutoring in various subjects during the month of November. 100 percent of the students utilizing the product state they are glad our institution offers this service and 100 percent would recommend to a friend. Dr. Arnett also mentioned that ACES (Academic Civic Engagement through Service) students completed over 3,000 hours of community service.
20. Dr. Kori Gregg, vice president of institutional advancement, spoke about the newly formed Alumni Association. Dr. Gregg said they are working to create an Advisory Board to engage alumni.
21. Shane Larson, athletic director, filled in for Paul Erdmann, vice president of information technology, to provide a technology update. Larson spoke of the ongoing computer replacement project and said the hope is to have all of the computers replaced by the January Board meeting.
22. Kristi Shaw, executive director of enrollment management, provided an enrollment update. Shaw said spring enrollment is up more than 600 students from this date a year ago. Shaw also said fall enrollment stands at 2,970.
23. Chris Hollon, executive director of institutional effectiveness, informed the Board that strategic planning is moving forward with planning for event based discussion about priorities and what can be improved. The first meeting will be at administrative council on Wednesday, December 13. The next internal meeting will be during in-service in February with a break out session for discussion of each area.
24. Jason O’Toole, executive director of student affairs, said the dorms are at 91.8 percent capacity.
25. Deborah Layton, faculty liaison, discussed the recent salon tours the Cosmetology Department instructors took their students on in Ponca City, OK.
26. Janet Grace, Sumner Campus Operations Officer, informed the Board of the meetings she has been attending in Wellington and Mulvane. She also spoke of the growing excitement in Wellington, Mulvane as well as surrounding areas with the ongoing construction of the Sumner Campus.
27. Accepted a letter of resignation from Hanna House as admission representative, effective Dec. 8; accepted a letter of resignation from Dane Straight, effective Dec. 31.
28. Approved the employment of Ruy Vaz as head men’s soccer coach, effective January 1, 2018. Roberto Dos Santos, the former men’s head soccer coach, will assume the responsibilities of head women’s soccer coach.
29. Appointed JoLynn Foster to fill the role as Chair of the Board beginning January 8, 2018. Other officers elected and board appointments for the upcoming year were as follows: Jill Long, Vice-Chair; JoLynn Foster and Jill Long, Nominating Committee; Bob Juden, Past Chair to serve as an advisor to the Chairman; Glennis Zimmerman, Voting Delegate to the Kansas Association of Community Colleges Trustees (KACCT); Gary Wilson, Alternate Delegate to the Kansas Association of Community Colleges (KACCT); Bob Juden, Voting Delegate to the Association of Community Colleges Trustees (ACCT); Jill Long, Alternate Delegate to the Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT); JoLynn Foster, Trustee Representative for Professional Negotiations; Gary Wilson, Trustee Representative to Receive Open Bids for College Purchases; JoLynn Foster, Trustee Representative to the Cowley College Foundation Association; Brian Sanderholm, Trustee Representative to the Tiger Booster Club; Bob Juden, JoLynn Foster, Jill Long, Trustees to serve on the Finance Sub-Committee; Brian Sanderholm, Glennis Zimmerman, and Nancy Burger, Trustees to serve on the Academic Sub-Committee.
30. Board Chair Bob Juden was absent due to illness. JoLynn Foster served as Board Chair during the meeting.