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August 7, 2017


Cowley College and Wichita State Sign 2+2 articulation agreement in engineering


Tony Vizzini and Dennis C. RittleOn Thursday, August 3, 2017, representatives from Cowley College and Wichita State University met at the Cowley College Mulvane Site to officially sign articulation agreements between the two institutions for five engineering programs. Programs included are computer engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, industrial engineering and manufacturing engineering.  

These agreements represent a true 2+2 arrangement between the two institutions and will allow a student to seamlessly transfer from Cowley College to Wichita State University. The purpose of the 2+2 is to provide Cowley College’s students a four-year coordinated program through the pre-engineering curriculum where students will receive an Associate of Science degree at Cowley College in the first two years and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Wichita State University after two additional years.

Representatives from Cowley College and Wichita State University“There is great value when you can help students move from career to classroom in a much more expedited time. This agreement will benefit thousands of students and their families by reducing the time to completion for their degree, which in turn reduces cost to the student” Dennis C. Rittle, president of Cowley College said. 

These articulation agreements will serve to facilitate the academic transfer of students from Cowley College into one of the five programs at Wichita State University by providing students a clear and concise pathway of classes that will transfer seamlessly. With a clear pathway in place, students will be more likely to persist and complete their educational goals within four years.

Signing articulation agreements between Cowley College and Wichita State University “Both parties understand that students need to complete and move into the workforce, earning and contributing to the state in a most efficient manner,” Tony Vizzini, provost and senior vice-president for Wichita State University said. “That is what they come to us for, therefore it is our duty to work together to accomplish that. It is a step forward and we look for more of these to occur. We are very appreciative that Cowley was the first to be at the table.”

The agreement will begin with the 2017-2018 academic year and is the first of its kind in the state.