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July 11, 2017


Cowley College theatre major Kim Wong has play published


Cowley College theatre major Kim Wong has play publishedKim Wong, a theatre major and current Cowley College student, recently had her 30 minute play, The Third Wall, published in the collection Thespian Playworks 2016, the largest theatrical licensing company in the country.

Wong said The Third Wall is about a struggling playwright and her friend that accidentally create parallel versions of themselves as they are writing a show. The "third wall" breaks and the two worlds collide. Throughout the show, the characters are trying to figure out who is "real" and where they came from.

“It's a ton of fun for theatre kids,” Wong said.

Wong graduated from Wichita Northwest High School where she was involved in marching, jazz, pep, concert, and honors bands as well as theatre.

Wong took Drama 1 her freshman year at Northwest, attended drama club meetings, auditioned for shows, and signed up for crews to help out with shows.

“When I did set construction and paint for Annie Get Your Gun my sophomore year, that's what really sucked me in,” Wong said.

Northwest performed student directed one acts each year, some of which were original shows written by students.

“My freshman year, they did eight shows altogether, and I was shocked when I found out my two favorite shows were written by students,” Wong said. “At that moment, it became my goal to write a show by my senior year.”

While at Northwest, Wong went to see Little Shop of Horrors at Cowley College and was amazed by the production.

“My drama teacher's daughter (Paige Lundin) attended Cowley, and he told me that she was on a full books and tuition theatre scholarship,” Wong said. “Another alumni (Michael Rodriguez) received one as well, so I thought I should audition for a scholarship.”

Wong attended Cowley’s Arts and Humanities Day and auditioned for a band and theatre scholarship, both of which she received, but ultimately accepted the theatre scholarship.

Wong came to Cowley College already a published writer. She directed one of her plays at Cowley College’s Act One Performs the One Acts show in December 2016. At the 24 Play Festival Cowley co-hosts with Southwestern College, Wong wrote a beautiful 10 minute play Seven Sides of Small Talk overnight, and it was cast, rehearsed, and performed only 24 hours later. It received some of the highest acclaim of the festival.

“Kim Wong is one of the strongest and most focused students I have had the privilege to have in my program,” Cowley College theatre director Cara Kem said. “She has stepped up to every challenge we have thrown at her and challenges herself regularly. She has a deep desire to keep our program strong and encourages her fellow students to perform to their best ability.”

In the past fall semester, Wong was involved in Cowley College’s jazz and pep band, but was largely focused on theatre. She has student directed, stage managed, constructed and painted sets as well as other miscellaneous tasks.

“It's been great,” Wong said. “Cara (Kem) has lots of experience in the professional world, being on Broadway and all, and teaches us valuable skills and knowledge that we can apply to our field when we start our own career.”

The Third Wall has been performed at the Kansas Thespian conference and International Thespian festival as well as at Wichita Southeast High School.

“Kim has incredible achievements in the areas of play writing, directing and stage management,” Kem said.

Wong is currently working on sets at Music Theatre of Wichita. The script she is currently working on is a revision of her play at Seven Sides of Small Talk.

Her dream job is to be a writer for Saturday Night Live. However, she would be happy to work for a living doing any kind of professional theatre work.

“I thank God for blessing me with the success of The Third Wall this far,” Wong said. “I want to make my plays available to everyone in hopes to put a smile on their face.”