Cowley College and Wellington High School teaming up for concert

March 6, 2019

Cowley College alumna, Jessica Coldwell and her choirs at Wellington High School will join the CC Singers and Cowley Concert Choir for a vocal concert Thursday, March 7 at 7:30 p.m. in the Robert Brown Theatre.

There is no cost to attend the concert which will feature not only the CC singers and Cowley Concert Choir, but also the Wellington Crusader Singers and Wellington Crusader Choir.

“Jessica is a phenomenal musician and educator and I am so impressed by her groups and their love of singing,” Cowley College director of vocal music Lindsay Allen said. “This concert is dedicated to everyone who has helped me along the way to becoming a choral conductor. I never thought I could love what I do as much as I do right now but working with these students has been such an amazing experience. Singing is something everyone can do for a lifetime, no matter their age. I hope this concert inspires others to keep singing.”

Cowley Concert Choir members are: Steve Altimirano, Kadie Carrell, Ben Chinn, Abbiah Conrad, Sarah Flickinger, Jacob Giger, Meikalo Hall, Hanah Henry, Isaac Hess, Kamren Holmes, Caden Lantz, Jon Lee, Jacob Michaelis, Jeannie Qualls, Emily Ramsey, Brittany Rosenberg, Matthew Sinnett, and Claudia Sprague.

CC Singers are: Sarah Flickinger, Jacob Giger, Meikalo Hall, Hanah Henry, Caden Lantz, Jon Lee, Jacob Michaelis, Emily Ramsey, Brittany Rosenberg, and Matthew Sinnett.