Cowley employees take part in Great Plains Conference on Acceleration

March 6, 2019

Cowley employees take part in Great Plains Conference on Acceleration Cowley College Humanities and Communications Department faculty Jennifer Rupp and Julie Kratt along with Impact Program English Specialist Dianne Flickinger recently participated in the Great Plains Conference on Acceleration held Feb. 21-22 at Butler Community College in El Dorado, KS. The conference was attended by 120 administrators, faculty, and staff from seven states.

According to GPCA conference chair Kathy McCoskey, “This conference is intended to provide opportunities for regional developmental educators to share with, learn from, and support each other in research-based improvement efforts in these areas.”

Keynote speakers for the conference included Dr. John Hetts and Dawn Coleman. Hetts, the Senior Director of Data Science at Educational Results Partnership in Sacramento, CA, shared “Let Icarus Fly: Multiple Measures Assessment, and the Re-imagination of Student Capacity and the road to College Level for All.” Coleman, an education evaluation consultant, titled her presentation “Telling (and Illustrating) Your Story with Data.”

Over the two-day conference period, participants were able to choose from a variety of concurrent sessions and roundtable discussions. Kratt presented a concurrent session titled “Developing Emotional Intelligence: Helping Students Identify and Manage Emotions to Increase Student Success.” The session provided a theoretical framework along with a series of activities instructors or staff could use to help students build emotional intelligence. In addition, Kratt presented an update about Cowley’s Accelerated Learning Program at the conference luncheon.

This is the third year various Cowley faculty and staff have attended and presented at this regional conference. As a first-time attendant, Humanities Instructor Jennifer Rupp reflects, “The conference was a wonderful opportunity to meet with other ALP instructors, compare strategies, and learn new techniques to use in the classroom.”

ALP Lead Instructor Julie Kratt continues, “We are so privileged to have been able to take part in this event each year since its inception. We appreciate the support of Humanities and Communication Department Chair Marlys Cervantes and Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Michelle Schoon for their support of our professional development.”