Cowley music instructor performs at Western Illinois University

March 7, 2019

Cowley College music instructor Steve Butler was invited to perform an original composition this past weekend at Western Illinois University.

Working with choral director Dr. Brian Winnie for the past three years at Southwestern College prior to returning to Cowley in July 2018, Butler was commissioned by Dr. Winnie to compose the piece Sinner Man from an old spiritual.

Along with performing Sinner Man, Butler was also asked to play two additional pieces in the spiritual/gospel style since that is a genre that he has quite a bit of experience playing. One of the pieces was with the Western Illinois University Singers, and the other was with a combined choir of the University Singers and the Concert Choir.

The concert featured all gospel music from across the spectrum from Moses Hogan to Jeffrey Ames.

β€œI had great feedback from the audience and students,” Butler said. β€œIt was definitely an honor to be asked to help on their concert.”