Alpha Gamma Upsilon wants you to recycle

December 3, 2018

Flyer listing recycling information for Cowley CollegeThe members of the Phi Theta Kappa honors organization at Cowley College's main campus in Arkansas City have been busy trying to make a difference. Every year, Phi Theta Kappa does a project called Honors in Action. After the officers decided on the theme, they started their journey, focusing on improving recycling efforts on campus.

To start, they set out to find how advocating for recycling would transform the participation in reducing waste among the college population. Initially, the members researched information regarding what can be recycled, other colleges’ recycling efforts, and waste reduction. They found out that Student Senate was also working on the same efforts in adding more recycle bins around campus.

According to other research, students were more likely to recycle when they were more informed about recycling. A survey was also created to find out current student practices and knowledge about recycling. The surveys suggested that students had little knowledge about recycling, and they would recycle more if it were made more convenient.

Many students have likely seen the large, orange recycling container behind the gym, but there are recycling bins in just about every building on campus, and the materials that can be recycled are glass, cardboard, aluminum, paper, and plastic.

To encourage an increase in recycling and reach as many people as possible, an informational handout was created to put in each dorm resident’s mailbox. Keeping off campus students in mind, an email with the same information was essential. In order to reach an even broader audience, an overview of the researched information will be sent to other colleges in hopes to increase recycling efforts everywhere.

Click here for the Recycling Flyer for details.