Cowley College plays host to Snow Bowl

December 4, 2018

Garden City A team won the Snow BowlThe Cowley College Collegiate Quiz Bowl teams hosted another successful Snow Bowl competition Saturday, December 1 in the Webb-Brown Academic Center.

After the Cowley A and B teams finished in ninth and 11th place at last year’s event, the Cowley A and B teams improved to fourth and fifth place at this year’s Snow Bowl.

“I am so proud of our Cowley A and B teams,” Collegiate Quiz Bowl coach Dianne Flickinger said. “By the end of last year, the A team went from ninth to fourth place, so we believe we can improve, and we have a goal to come in first to third place at our next tournament in January in hopes to qualify for nationals.”

On Saturday, the Cowley A team placed fourth out of 13 teams with a record of 4-4-1, while the Cowley B team finished fifth with a record of 4-3-2. The Garden City A team won the Snow Bowl with a record of 8-0-1.

Johnson County’s Theadore Young was the top individual finisher out of 51 competitors.

Philip Howe, of the Cowley B team, placed third. Howe is a freshman Liberal Arts major.

Johnson County CC won 2nd Place in the Snow Bowl“I am so proud of Philip Howe,” Dianne Flickinger said. “According to moderator Mark Flickinger, Philip gave a string of lightning fast and accurate answers, answering 10 out of 16 tossups in one round as he dominated the other team on a variety of subjects leading his Cowley B team to a fifth place finish and an overall individual ranking of third place.”

Sophomore Matthew Sinnett continues to score consistently and was the top finisher for the Cowley A team as he placed 12th. Kamdon Fuqua, the team’s music, pop culture expert returned strong and determined for the team to do better. While Jesse McCabe, the team’s science expert who previously was part of a team that went to nationals in 2017, returns as captain after a year leave, and freshman Connor Lancaster, joins this sophomore team with an ability to answer history and sports-related topics.

Along with Howe, the Cowley B team consisted of six team members. Jacob Michaelis, the team’s math expert remained in play in all but one round, while Alysha Zerener and Symantha Shelton took turns as captain, while Amanda Glenn and Alyssa Nellis played every other game.

“Symantha continues to show improvement by attaining more tossups than last year while newcomer Amanda Glenn gave an excellent first showing in her first tournament,” Dianne Flickinger said.

Redlands CC won 3rd Place in the Snow BowlHaving hosted the Snow Bowl since 2008, Cowley College administration, faculty, and staff contributed their time and talent to make the 2018 Snow Bowl a fun and memorable day for the students.

Chief Financial Officer of National Academic Quiz Tournaments, LLC Chad Kubicek attends only seven events each year and comes each year to the Snow Bowl.

Cowley College vice president of institutional advancement Dr. Kori Gregg welcomed the participants and congratulated them as being winners already just by being a part of the academic tournament.

Dr. Gregg, Mark Flickinger, theatre director Nick Albrecht, Dr. Harold Arnett, and Allen County coach Todd Francis served as moderators. Cowley College president Dr. Dennis C. Rittle was joined by director of mass communications Meg Smith in keeping score, while Aimee Schwintz, Anne Harmon Turney, and Mason Warren served as alumni scorekeepers.

The Cowley Collegiate Quiz Bowl teams will now prepare for the Kansas Collegiate Quiz Bowl Sectionals held Saturday, January 26 at Cloud County Community College in Concordia, KS. The sectional tournament will determine which teams qualify for nationals in Orlando, FL.

Team results: (1) Garden City, 8-0-1; (2) Johnson County, 6-2-1; (3) Redlands A, 7-2; (4) Cowley A, 4-4-1; (5) Cowley B, 4-3-2; (6) Dodge City, 5-4; (7) Coffeyville, 4-4-1; (8) Garden City B, 3-6; (9) Allen County, 4-4; (10 tie) Fort Scott B tie, 4-5; (10 tie) Fort Scott A, 3-5; (12) Redlands, 2-5-1; (13) Redlands B, 2-6-1.

Cowley A results: Matthew Sinnett, 12th; Kamdon Fuqua, 25th; Jesse McCabe, tie for 28th; Connor Lancaster, tie for 28th;
Cowley B results: Philip Howe, third; Amanda Glenn, 26th; Alyssa Nellis, 27th; Symantha Shelton, 34th; Jacob Michaelis, 35th; Alysha Zerener, 40th.