Comedy hypnotist keeps the audience laughing

August 15, 2019

Unwinding after the first day of fall semester classes, Cowley College students were treated to a special performance by award winning comedy hypnotist Nadeen Manuel Tuesday in the Robert Brown Theatre.

Manuel has hypnotized well over a hundred thousand people for almost two decades; providing comedy hypnosis shows that cater to all demographics.

“It was definitely an experience I will never forget,” Cowley College sophomore Miguel Obeso said. “It is so crazy how she can get people to do whatever she wants. Best show by far.”

Manuel had Tuesday’s audience roaring with laughter as they witnessed the amazing power of the subconscious mind. 

“It was a cool show, I didn’t know what to think or how it was going to go but it was fantastic,” Cowley sophomore Isaiah Banks said.

Jalon Dames was among the many Cowley students that wish they would have been chosen to be on stage, while Cowley College Student Senate president Donte’ Chattman loved the crowd interaction.

“It was a great Show with wonderful crowd participation,” Chattman said. “I would give it a 10 out of 10.”