Cowley College employees assist with Future Finance events in Winfield and Ark City

October 2, 2019

Students at Future Finance Cowley Works For Youth financial reality exercise for high school sophomores

The seventh annual Future Finance Cowley Works For Youth financial reality exercise for high school sophomores took place Tuesday, October 1 at Winfield High School and Wednesday, October 2 at Arkansas City High School.

Future Finance is a financial literacy exercise geared towards sophomores that helps youth understand some of the “realities” involved in preparing for an employable future and adulthood. As adults we must have money to buy food, clothing, shelter, transportation, etc. and more often than not, we have to figure that out not only for ourselves but perhaps a spouse and children. Future Finance provides students the opportunity to learn about those choices that must be made as adults. Future Finance provides a valuable service to teens ¬≠helping them learn to determine spending priorities and budget their money. The goals of the program are to show teens that their performance in school today will affect their future, and give teens a chance to learn and practice personal finance skills in a fun way.

Booths set up for students to visit were: Entertainment, Shopping Center, Transportation, Super Market, Utilities, Banking, Medical Center, Insurance, Health Care, Charitable Giving, Communications, Housing, Child Care, and Chances ad Financial Advising. The booths were manned by local business leaders.

Dr. Dennis C. Rittle talking with a student

Cowley College president Dr. Dennis C. Rittle was a panelist (transportation and housing) at each event, while Dr. Tina Grillot, associate vice president for workforce and community education, and Cowley College Social Science instructor Holly Peters volunteered at the event in Ark City. Former Cowley college admissions director Shayla McDonald teamed with Dr. Grillot to discuss health care options to the students, while Peters shared child care information. Ricky Squires, machine tool instructor, and non-destructive testing instructor Garret Vickery also assisted with the events.

Prior to the event students completed a survey at the school, provided by Cowley First, as to how they see their lives 10 years in the future including career, lifestyle, married or single, children, etc. At the event they are given a life situation based on their answers. Of those who said they would be married, about 40% are given a status of divorced and the situations that may apply such as paying or receiving child support.

The free program was a community wide effort with sponsors, school support and volunteers from the community making this two-day event possible.

“Serving as a volunteer alongside professionals from across the county to help regional high school students make wise economic and life decisions is one of the greatest treasures of my work,” Cowley College president Dr. Dennis C. Rittle said. “Thank you CowleyFirst for continuing to organize Future Finance. A life-changing experience devoted to investing and developing our next generation of community leaders.”

Sponsors of the event were: Cowley College, Cowley First, Husky Liners, Legacy Regional Community Foundation, RCB Bank, Westar Energy, Rubbermaid, SKT, South Central Kansas Medical Center, Southwestern College, Union State Bank, The Stock Exchange Bank, Ark Valley Credit Union, William Newton Hospital, and Cowley County Women for Kansas.