Cowley College brings to life critically acclaimed play “Picnic”

October 8, 2019

Cowley College’s Visual and Performing Arts Department entertained audiences with three special performances of its fall play “Picnic” October 3-5 inside the Robert Brown Theatre.

The story for William Inge’s bittersweet melodrama “Picnic” centered around a small Kansas town in the 1950s. On a sweltering Labor Day morning, the women of a quiet neighborhood on the wrong side of the tracks are preparing for the annual picnic. Watchful mother Flo Owens has hopes that her beautiful daughter Madge will get a proposal from Alan, the local millionaire’s son. Younger sister Millie, the “smart one”, yearns to grow up and leave her small town behind. Good-natured Mrs. Potts is happy to get a break from taking care of her aged mother. And spinster schoolteacher Rosemary Sydney cheerfully keeps her boyfriend Howard at arms’ length.

This seemingly placid feminine environment is disrupted when Hal Carter, a muscular and charming young drifter who happens to be a former fraternity brother of Alan’s, hops off the freight train, and straight into Mrs. Potts’ hospitable home. Hearts are broken and lives are changed in the following 24 hours, as Hal’s lively, dangerous, masculine energy wakes up the sleepy community.

Cast list:

Helen Potts – Abbiah Conrad
Hal Carter – Jacob Giger
Millie Owens – Jennifer Wong
Bomber Gutzell – Gabe Hyer
Madge Owens – Katreena Odom
Flow Owens – Gabrielle Monasmith
Rosemary Sydney – Jeannie Qualls
Alan Seymour – Logan Hockenbury
Irma Kronkite – Kaitlynn Tarrant
Christine Schoenwalder – Rachel Tiller
Howard Bevans – Ray Keady
Helen’s Mother (voice only) – Liz Shepard
Designers and Technicians:
Director of Theatre – Nick Albrecht
Scenic Designer/Technical Director – Harty Blackert
Box Office Manager – Tracy Circle
Assistant Director – Markie Swanson
Assistant Stage Manager – Chelo Curtis and Isaac Hess
Costume Designer – Meghann Borum
Sound Designer – Parker Butler
Hair & Makeup Designer – Jeannie Qualls
Light Board Op – Mason Hilario
Costume Supervisor – D’onna Braddy
House Manager – Reese Harris
Stage Manager – Markie Swanson
Lighting Designer – Brandon Oleson
Properties Coordinator – Audrey Jones
Sound Board Op – Griffin Rogers
Paint/Scenic Charge – Emma Larson
Master Carpenter – Griffin Rogers
Dance Coordinator – Chelo Curtis
Set crew – Theatre Practicum Class